Summer Sale


Summer is here! While the heat rises on the battlefield, enjoy some insane discounts on the Gold prices of our Premium units. Check out all our special deals below!


Auxiliary Cavalry





murmillo gladiators

Murmillo Gladiators


auxiliary sagittari

Auxiliary Sagittari


telesillas argives

Telesillas Argives


thorax spearmen

Thorax Spearmen


spartan hoplites

Spartan Hoplites


Thureos Swordsmen
Thureos Swordsmen

A 36% discount on the unit only

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Thureos Spearmen
Thureos Spearmen

A 34% discount on the unit only

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thracian peltasts

Thracian Peltasts








bastarnae falxmen

Bastarnae Falxmen





heavy horse

Heavy Horse


greek hoplites

Greek Hoplites


gallic cavalry

Gallic Cavalry


mercenary scutarii

Mercenary Scutarii





hamilcars veterans

Hamilcar's Veterans


What are Premium units?

Premium units are special units that can be purchased either in-game with Gold, or through our Premium Shop. While no more powerful than regular units, they add variety to the playstyles that make them an interesting alternative to spice up your games.

Premium units come fully upgraded and will earn you +50% more Free XP, Unit XP and Silver than regular units. Using these extra gains and converting Unit XP can give your progression a serious boost! They also do not cost anything to replenish, so your Silver is safe.

If you want to try your hand at Retentus, Germanicus awaits your command—no matter what tier he is!

Check out our Premium Shop for more information. 

We want to thank all of you for constantly helping us make Total War: ARENA a better game by providing your feedback and ideas. While it is customary to hold sales during the hot days of summer, we decided to go the extra mile this month to hopefully give you the opportunity to try some new units and enjoy different playstyles.

As always, we will be looking forward to hearing your thoughts and comments, so let us know what you think on our social media and Community channels.

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