Roman Light Artillery Weekend — July 27–30


Greetings, Commanders!


Get ready to strike your enemies down from afar: find a suitable position and launch missiles that will pierce through men like a hot knife through butter. Assemble your engines, as from July 27, starting at 10:00 GMT, through July 30 at 10:00 GMT, you will receive:

— A +200% XP bonus for the first daily victory with your commanders

— A 50% discount when purchasing Caesar with Gold

— A 50% discount on Roman customization items

— A 50% discount on Retentus, a Roman Tier V Premium unit

— A 50% discount when researching Tier III–V Roman Artillery units

— A 30% discount when researching Tier VI–VII Roman Artillery units

— A 15% discount when researching Tier VIII–X Roman Artillery units.

See you on the battlefield!

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