Caesar Javelins Weekend - 5th-8th October


Inspire your men and prepare for war! This weekend, enjoy a 50% gold discount on Julius Caesar and various discounts on the Javelinmen that helped him to claim Rome. Defend these men with the experienced soldiers of the Retentus, men who stayed in service to Rome even after they were free to leave the army. In the Arena, Julius Caesar has inspired these men once again, rallying them under his banner.

From 5 October, starting at 10:00 UTC, through 8 October at 10:00 UTC, you will receive the following bonuses:

— A +200% XP bonus for the first daily victory with your commanders

— A 50% discount when purchasing Caesar with gold

— A 50% discount on Roman cosmetic equipment

— A 50% discount on Retentus, a Roman Tier V Premium unit

— A 50% discount when researching Tier II–V Roman Javelinmen

— A 30% discount when researching Tier VI–VII Roman Javelinmen

— A 15% discount when researching Tier VIII–X Roman Javelinmen

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