Miltiades and Archer weekend - 12-15th October

Greetings Commanders!
It is time for Thesmophoria, the ancient Greek festival held in honour of the goddess Demeter. While Cynane is busy with her secret rites for the festival, Miltiades picks up her bow to lead her archers to victory! This weekend, enjoy a discount on Miltiades and Greek Archers while Greek women celebrate this hallowed time.

From 12 October, starting at 10:00 UTC, through 15 October at 10:00 UTC, you will receive the following bonuses:

— A +200% XP bonus for the first daily victory with your commanders

— A 50% discount when purchasing Miltiades with gold

— A 50% discount on Greek cosmetic equipment

— A 30% discount on Thracian Peltasts, Tier VII Javelins

— A 50% discount when researching Tier II–V Greek Archers

— A 30% discount when researching Tier VI–VII Greek Archers

— A 15% discount when researching Tier VIII–X Greek Archers

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