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Check out the Total War: ARENA reinforcements — Tier V Machimoi Archers are available again!

Please note that the bundles with this unit will be available from September 10, starting at 10:00 GMT, through September 17 at 10:00 GMT.
Machimoi Archers Brothers-in-Bows I

Darker-skinned and highly aggressive, these warriors ruin the stereotyped image of a civilized Greek military man. Machimoi Archers demonstrate impressive mobility and with their abilities Snipe and Focus Fire, they are great at skirmishes but when rushing them into battle, keep their weak armor in mind.

Brothers-in-Bows I

— Machimoi Archers (Tier V Greek Premium unit)

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Brothers-in-Bows II

— Machimoi Archers (Tier V Greek Premium unit);

— 2,000 Gold.

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Brothers-in-Bows III

— Machimoi Archers (Tier V Greek Premium unit);

— 2,500 Gold;

— 30 days of Premium Account.

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Machimoi Archers

Tier V Greek Premium unit


Сосредоточить стрельбу
Focus Fire
Instantly launch a volley of powerful flaming projectiles at a targeted area.
Прицельная стрельба
Increase Range and Damage for a short period, after which the unit will have temporarily reduced Speed.


Aggression: 441
  • Reload Time: 4
  • Missile Weapon Range: 106
  • Missile Weapon Penetration Damage: 15
  • Missile Dispersion: 2
  • Morale Flank Damage: 43
  • Missile Weapon Damage: 146
Defence: 17
  • Missile Block Chance: 1
  • Melee Defence: 11
  • Charge Deflect: 50
Survivability: 153
  • Morale: 54
  • Body Armour: 119
  • Health: 224
Mobility: 499
  • View Range: 156
  • Deceleration (m/s2): 4,3
  • Movement Speed (m/s): 4,5
  • Turn Speed (deg/s): 552
  • Acceleration (m/s2): 2,9
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