High Tier Ability Selection Weekend!

Greetings Commanders!
Customise your abilities and jump into Tier IX battles this weekend. To help even out the battlefield and boost new arrivals to this bracket, Tier IX units will be earning extra 500 Unit XP for participating and another 200 Unit XP for each victory. Multiplicative bonuses such as Premium Time is applied on top of this.
To help the players who are still working to Tier IX, we will be running all benefits of last weekend’s event as well!

This event will run from 10:00 UTC Friday to 10:00 UTC Monday.

— An extra 500 Unit XP per battle, and 200 per victory for all T9 units

— A 50% discount on Tier VII-X Consumables

— A 50% discount when purchasing 1, 3 or 7 days of Premium Account

— A +200% XP bonus for the first daily victory with your commanders

— A 15% discount when researching Tier VII–VIII mainline unit equipment (please note that equipment is shared between several units so it’s up to the player to decide which unit’s experience is used when researching)

— A 15% discount when researching Tier VIII–IX units

We'll see you on the battlefield!
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