Anniversary Bundles and Bonuses + 100,000 Free XP as a Gift!


Wargaming is celebrating a fantastic occasion—its 20th anniversary, and we invite you to join the festivities! To make battles in Total War: ARENA even more spectacular, there are quite a few nice surprises and bonuses to expect in the coming days!

Every player who logs in from August 3, 10:00 UTC through August 10, 10:00 UTC will receive a gift of 100.000 Free XP!

What’s more, from August 3, starting at 10:00 UTC, through August 6, 10:00 UTC, you will receive:

  • A +500% XP bonus for the first daily victory with your commanders
  • A 50% discount when purchasing any commander with Gold
  • A 50% discount on all customization items.

Also, you can now purchase the following Premium units with Gold right from the Tech Tree:

  • Thracian Royal Cavalry, Tier V, Greece
  • Sarmatian Lancers, Tier V, Rome
  • Celtic Slingers, Tier V, Barbarians
  • Delian Peltasts, Tier IV, Greece
  • Germanic Scouts, Tier IV, Rome
  • Spear Brothers, Tier IV, Barbarians

Anniversary Bundles

In the Premium Shop, you will find a lot of new units and great deals, with discounts up to 60%! On sale from August 3, starting at 10:00 UTC, through August 10 at 10:00 UTC :

Versatility Pack


Boost your Barbarian, Greek, and Roman detachments with great Premium units. Respectively, Cantabrian riders peppering enemies with javelins from outside their reach, sniping Machimoi Archers from Ptolemaic Egypt, and Martiobarbuli throwing massive leaded darts.

— Cantabrian Cavalry (Tier V Barbarian Premium unit)

— Machimoi Archers (Tier V Greek Premium unit)

— Martiobarbuli (Tier V Roman Premium unit)

Go to the Premium Store.

King’s Pack

big King’s Pack

Make yourself royally well supplied. Secure three months of extra XP and Silver for each battle with Premium. Spend a heap of Gold on Premium units, commander unlocks, skins, more Silver, and Free XP conversion.

— 90 days of Premium Account

— 25,000 Gold

Go to the Premium Store.

Warrior’s Pack

2х1 Warrior’s Pack

Stock up for a week-long sortie! Benefit from more Silver and XP with Premium time, use Gold to buy more of it and convert Free XP.

— 7 days of Premium Account

— 1,250 Gold

Go to the Premium Store.

A Cart of Gold


Gold gives you power. Namely, mighty Premium units, commander unlocks, faster progress with Free XP conversion and Premium time. It can also buy skins for your units and generals. In this pack, you get a whole cart of Gold—and lots of power. Free XP also comes aplenty as a free bonus.

— 20,000 Gold

— 250,000 Free XP

Go to the Premium Store.

Noble’s Pack


Walk through battlefields like a boss! A heap of Gold allows you to unlock commanders, Premium units and skins for both, purchase Premium time and Silver, and convert Free XP. Develop your forces faster with a whole month of Premium Account and a whole lot of Free XP which you get as a free bonus.

— 5,000 Gold

— 30 days of Premium Account

— 100,000 Free XP (a free bonus)

Go to the Premium Store.
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