Patch Notes — Open Beta 3.1.7


Greetings, Commanders! This is an incredibly exciting patch for us, as it releases a lot of features and improvements that we've been working on for a while. The main bulk of this patch is split between new social features and economic changes (higher player rewards, lower Silver costs), with some new content and balance changes too. Hopefully, you'll spot something in this list that you've given feedback on or suggested, as a lot of the changes in this patch have been led by our community. Until next time, Commanders, we'll see you on the battlefield!

New Map — Capua (Tier VI-X)


The importance of Capua was significant during the history and rise of Rome, to which it was connected by one of the principal military highways of Italy, the Via Appia. The city saw numerous political and military conflicts. In 73 BC, Spartacus was among a group of Gladiators and slaves who escaped from the gladiatorial school (Ludus) near Capua. They seized several wagons of gladiatorial weapons and armor, plundered the region surrounding Capua, recruited many other slaves into their ranks, and defeated the legions sent after them. This sparked the beginning of the Third Servile War.


Capua introduces a new style of city gameplay to ARENA. We’ve seen many requests from the community for more city maps, and Capua features the largest number of buildings and streets of any map so far.


With one base in the city, and one in the field, it is important to coordinate your offensive and defensive forces. If you push too far forward and take too many losses, only to find out the other team control the other environment, you may find yourself having to race back to your own base. Likewise, over-committing on defense will leave your allies to be ganged up on and routed. Conflict here may sometimes feel disorderly and punishing, but making sure you have map visibility and team coordination guarantees that you will be the hunter, not the hunted.

The battle in the city can get chaotic at times with lots of fighting on multiple flanks, fast retreats and quick decisions to be made. Ensuring that your team is coordinated here, that you push forward as one, is key to ensuring success in the city.

Over in the field, combat takes a different form. There are several chokepoints you can use to maintain map control, with the aqueduct and bridges proving good locations for a defensive stand, but be careful on your way over to them as there is lots of long grass where sneaky barbarians could be hiding, or archers waiting to ambush you.

Map Pool

Additional back-end server features have been implemented to allow us a little more control over the likelihood of certain maps appearing at certain tiers. The intention is to help ensure that, as you climb through the tiers, you are a little more likely to see some of the newly added maps at your tier, while still ensuring an even chance of getting maps from previous tiers. Previously, all maps had an equal chance of appearing, even new ones, but this change means we can set a brand-new map to be a little more likely to appear for a short period of time upon its release, so players are more likely to see the new content when it arrives.

We will keep monitoring how well this is working and that it does indeed help to keep the map pool varied for whatever tier you are playing at. We will continue to assess if further iterations are needed to improve the system further.

UI changes

Post-Battle Chat

You can now chat with the players from your previous battle in the front end.

  • A new chat tab in the bottom-left chat interface labelled "Battle"
  • This contains all of the players from the previous battle (except those in a different region!)
  • This chat will remain until you exit the game client or join another battle
  • Use this as an opportunity to congratulate teammates, party up or make new friends!
  • Please note that, currently, only players sharing your region will be able to join this chat.

Player Level Improvements

We've seen a lot of community feedback about player levels, with you all wanting to know more about what rewards you're working towards, as well as better rewards and faster levelling. Well, we're happy to announce that, with this patch, we're giving you all of those! You'll be earning roughly 4x more Gold per 100 levels, and you'll be levelling up twice as fast. This is also helped by our new UI that shows you how close you are to the next level, and what you're getting next. For those players who've already levelled up a lot, don't worry, you'll be credited for all the rewards you would have earned.

  • A new tab in the player profile
  • In this tab you can view your progress to the next level
  • Also displayed is your progress to the next 'major' level
  • Rewards for each level can be browsed by clicking on each available level
  • All player level rewards have been rebalanced to give a more consistent gain
  • Every single level will give a reward
  • Every 3 levels (starting at level 1) is a 'major' level and will be given more significant rewards
  • Once you reach level 100, you will automatically prestige on your next level up
  • A prestige now resets the progress between levels, meaning that the player level XP between level 101 and 102 is the same as between level 1 and 2
    — This will mean you will start levelling faster after a prestige!
  • Player level XP costs for levels have been rebalanced, allowing you to progress through them more quickly, at roughly twice the rate
    — You may notice you will go up a player level when you log in. This is because you currently have enough player XP to get the next level
    — Your level, however, will not drastically change (probably by not more than 1 level)
  • If rewards have been added on levels you have already earned that did not previously have a reward or as many rewards, you will receive the difference on the first login after the patch
  • When you level up, you will receive the level up notification as normal. However, instead of showing the rewards granted, a button will appear which will take you to the player level panel

As part of this change, we're adding some new Commander skins as rewards for certain levels. When you hit the required profile level, this skin will be granted to you for free. There is no other way to unlock these skins.

Profile Level 4: Germanicus Field Commander


Profile Level 10: Cynane Queenslayer


Profile Level 13: Arminius Nightstalker


Silver Economy Updates

In our last patch, we made a number of changes designed to reduce the severity of replenishment and consumable costs. In 3.1.7, we will continue to fine-tune the Silver economy, with the aim to make it less punishing for players at Tiers VIII and IX.

Replenishment Costs:

The cost of replenishing Tier VIII units has been reduced by around 10%, and that of Tier IX units by 15-20%.


The costs of all consumables at Tier VIII and above have been reduced:

TierOld Gold CostNew Gold CostOld Silver CostNew Silver Cost

Battle Communication Improvements

We've been looking at ways to improve communication channels between players of all regions and languages, and this patch sees the addition of two new systems that allow players to send automatically translated messages to their teammates. Much like the drawing tool, the goal of these changes is to improve team coordination and cohesion without anybody having to learn new languages.

Communicating Ability States

Players are now able to communicate ability cooldown states or duration of status effects by ALT-clicking the relevant item on the UI. This message is displayed for all receiving players in their own language.

Radial Chat

To make communication faster and break down the language barrier, we’ve introduced the Radial Chat which allows players to use 7 translated messages that can be sent through chat. These messages can even be directed at specific individuals.


To activate this feature, press and hold the F4 key which will allow you to send a quick "Watch out" message to a player.

To activate the radial menu, press and hold the left mouse button and drag the mouse in the direction of your preferred message. This will then appear in chat and above your selected unit in a chat bubble.

For those of you who would prefer to hide this, head to Options / Interface / Social.

A warning: don't press Alt-F4 as that will close the game!

Other Communication Changes

With the release of the Radial Chat, we’ve also made slight changes to the Ping and Drawing Tool to match how you control them. Please give it a while for it to settle in.

We also made F5-F8 ping shortcuts instantaneous on key press on your current mouse location supporting the minimap as a target as well.




Crippling Shot
  • — Added the "can't be used when engaged in melee" flag.
  • — Reduced base Targeting Range by 10
  • — Increased base Cooldown by 20 seconds.
  • — Corrected short tooltip saying available to "archers" into "missile infantry".

The ability’s use scenarios were too open. Crippling Shot could be used while in combat to stagger attackers that had managed to catch the unit, which made it too powerful.

It will now behave more like Focus Fire and has had some minor stat tweaks.



— Swapped the Visibility Range talent with the last Speed talent from Vidi.

The visibility talent fits better thematically on Vidi.

— Swapped the last Speed talent with Visibility Range.

— Changed the Reload Time talent to Missile Range.

These changes should break the 'rainbow' combo that the community has highlighted.


— Reduced base Duration by 5 seconds.

— Reduced first talent total Duration by 5 seconds.

— Increased base Cooldown by 5 seconds.

The total uptime of the ability, particularly the Silence effect uptime, was too long.

Alexander The Great:


— Set an AoE of 10.

— Removed the contact application behavior.

— Updated the tooltip.

While the concept of the ability remains unchanged, its implementation and, specifically, the application mechanism is now changed.

From your play experience and feedback, we found the previous application behavior was not working smoothly within all melee contexts.

The new implementation should improve the consistency with which Anvil is applied to enemy units.


Oath of Perseverance

— Base Morale increased from 60 to 100.

The Morale stat component was not sufficient, particularly when considering 3 incoming separate flank attacks, especially when Morale abilities had been applied.
War Сry

— Decreased base Cooldown from 140 to 120 seconds.

The Cooldown component of the ability was not sufficient and needed to be brought in line with other abilities.



— Tier X Charge Impact talent total decreased from 10% to 5%.

— Tier VIII and Tier IX Charge Bonus talents total decreased from 10% to 5%.

Charge-related talents were too strong, particularly in high tier contexts, especially when Falxes were involved.

— Tier X Charge Impact talent total decreased from 12% to 4%.

Charge-related talents were too strong, particularly in high tier contexts, especially when Falxes were involved.


Unit TypeChangesReasoning
JavelinsArmour reduction by approx. 4%.

Total damage reduction by approx. 5%.

Tier X Imperial Velites has had an even more significant total damage multiplier reduction.
Despite having a power reduction recently, Javelins were still very powerful and needed their overall power levels reduced.
Archers, Javelins, SlingersMorale Flank Damage reduced by approx. 15%.It was too easy for missile infantry to immediately catch and surround attacking enemy infantry and rout them.

Unit abilities:

Raise Shields

— Base Missile Block buff reduced by 5. (Used to be +30 block, now it's +25).

This ability was too powerful, even to some of their counters.
Focus Fire
— Missile Weapon Damage reduced from 8% to 5%.

Focus Fire was providing slightly too much of a damage buff and increasing DPS higher than intended.


— Reduce the Speed Slow debuff from -60% to -40%.

The Speed debuff here was too powerful and made Ranged units too survivable on their own.

Premium Unit Changes

In this patch we're focusing on improving the mobility of some Premium Units. We found that many Premium Units were - quite literally - falling behind equivalent-tier units after upgrades, even in cases where the Premium Unit was supposed to be a 'fast' alternative.

We've also made a few changes to some abilities and consumable options.

TierFactionUnitChangeDeveloper Notes
VIIRomeTriariiSpeed: 3.4 -> 3.8
Ability - Roman Phalanx:
— +20 Missile Block
By switching Raise Shields for Roma Invicta in patch 3.1.5, we were hoping to make the Triarii more useful to a broader range of Roman commanders. However, this highlighted the extent to which the unit's low base Speed left it vulnerable to missiles when played with commanders other than Germanicus.
We want to make such an iconic unit as broadly usable as possible, so we've boosted the unit's base Speed and added a small amount of Missile Block to Roman Phalanx.
VIIIRomeAuxilia PalatinaSpeed: 3.4 -> 3.6
Ability - Roman Phalanx:
— +20 Missile Block
Much like the Triarii, the Auxilia Palatina were a little slow and vulnerable to missile fire. We've boosted the unit's base Speed and added some Missile Block to Roman Phalanx.
VIIIBarbariansBerserkersSpeed: 3.5 -> 3.9While it was intended for the Berserkers to be slower than other Barbarian infantry, under some circumstances they were slower even than upgraded armoured Romans. We've boosted their Speed to ensure that this no longer occurs.
VIIIGreeceMyrmidonsSpeed: 3.6 -> 4.1The Myrmidons were competing with the Sacred Band, one of the more robust spear units in the Greek tree, and, although the Myrmidons had a higher base Speed, they were outpaced by the Sacred Band when fully upgraded. We've given the Myrmidons a Speed boost so that they can maintain a comparative advantage against the Sacred Band in mobility.
VICarthageMercenary ScutariiSpeed: 3.2 -> 3.7The Mercenary Scutarii were one of the slowest units in the game, especially when compared to fully-upgraded equivalents. We felt that this was a little too punishing, so we've boosted their Speed to bring them more in line with Carthage's sword line.
V/VIIIBarbariansBelgae Archers
Eburones Marskmen
Ability - Tales of the Belgae:
— Range: 30 -> 50
— Duration: 20 -> 30
— +5% Missile Damage
Tales of the Belgae was meant to offer some synergy between the new Ambiorix-themed archer Premiums and allied melee units, but in practice this turned out to be a little difficult for players to properly take advantage of. We've boosted the ability range and increased the duration to reduce the amount of micro-management required to get the most out of the ability.
We've also added some Missile Damage to the ability to make it more useful for solo Ambiorix players.
IVRomeGermanic ScoutsAdded Consumable Option:
— Fletcher
The Germanic Scouts were lacking any passive consumables options, so we've given them access to Fletcher, which boosts their Missile Damage and Armour Piercing Missile Damage.
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