Patch Notes - Open Beta 3.1.6


Greetings, Commanders! In Patch 3.1.6, you'll find the first iteration of our new commander skins. The entire development of this system has been conducted with your feedback and suggestions in mind, and we're excited to take this first step into greater customisation. Alongside this, we've made some changes to the silver economy at higher tiers after an extensive investigation, and added some requested UI changes, such as a 'recently played with' tab and Unit XP button improvements. You'll find the full details of these features below. Until next time, Commanders, we'll see you on the battlefield!

Commander Skins

3.1.6 brings you the first set of commander skins. We know that these have been a hugely requested feature, and we're really excited to see them. In this installment, you have access to two skins for the three starting commanders. Skins are a great way for us to explore more historical-looking commander outfits, alongside some more alternative skins, and we look forward to seeing all of your feedback and suggestions about what skins you'd like to see.

To select a skin, click on a commander and head to the cosmetics tab. The Gold prices of the skins vary, but you'll find an extra Vercingetorix one there for free...


twa patchnote 3.1.6 july 2018 Germanicus 1920x1200
twa patchnote 3.1.6 july 2018 Germanicus-2 1920x1200


twa patchnote 3.1.6 july 2018 Cynane 1920x1200
twa patchnote 3.1.6 july 2018 Cynane-2


twa patchnote 3.1.6 july 2018 Arminius
twa patchnote 3.1.6 july 2018 Arminius-2


The chieftain is now younger! For people who preferred the old looks, head to the cosmetics tab and equip the "Veteran" skin. This is a free skin to equip and own, and allows you to pick which Vercingetorix you'd like to take into battle!

twa patchnote 3.1.6 july 2018 Vercingetorix

Silver Economy Rebalancing

We've heard feedback from players that the silver economy is too punishing at higher tiers. We've taken a look at our metrics and, as an initial step, we've identified two sets of players who were being most overly-burdened by the silver economy: fresh Tier VII players and players of certain unit types. We will continue to investigate this area and make changes in future patches.

Consumable Costs

We found that at Tier VII players were being hit by a double whammy of increased costs; not only did they now have the option to take two consumables, the price of consumables jumped by a significant amount. This was pushing some Tier VII players into negative silver. We've reduced the cost of consumables at this tier to make the change feel less severe.

  • The cost of consumables at Tier VII has been reduced from 19 gold to 18 gold, and 1,140 Silver to 950 silver, per consumable, reducing the overall cost of fully equipping a set of three Tier VII units by 900 Silver.

Replenishment Costs

Previously, our system determined replenishment costs based on whether a unit fits into one of five broad classes: infantry, ranged, cavalry, elephant or artillery. We then adjusted the replenishment cost to reflect that unit's performance in-game and ensure equity in economic efficiency: for example, at most tiers, ranged units received lower Silver rewards than melee units, and ranged units were set to be cheaper to replenish.

However, our metrics showed that this system was not adequately reflecting the state of the game.

  • Firstly, it was not taking into account the distinction between unit types. For example, falxes, spears and sword units cost the same to replenish, even though falxes generally took more casualties and spears generally took fewer.
  • Performance also was not consistent across tiers. We found that at high tiers - where replenishment matters most - well-defended ranged units were consistently able to gain high rewards while receiving low casualties.
  • As a result of balance changes, certain units - notably dogs, artillery and cavalry - were earning less than they were in the past, necessitating an adjustment.
  • Elephants were earning large amounts of rewards without suffering equivalent replenishment costs, making them by far the most economically efficient unit in game.

As a result, we've changed our calculations so that they take into account more fine-grained distinctions between units. This will result in the following changes to replenishment costs, with the goal of bringing them down to a more consistent level:

Unit TypeChange
Sword Cavalry-9%
Heavy Artillery-4%
War Dog-8%
Spear Cavalry-9%
War Elephant+15%

These new modifiers will be analysed, and the system will be consistently referred to in order to make sure they are aligned with the in-game metrics.

UI Changes

Recently Played With List

You can now view a list of the players you have recently played with, this allows you to find allies who you synergised well with and add them to your friends list, send them a message of encouragement or even party up!

  • The 'Recently Played With' list is available in the Social tab, alongside your friends list
  • Players from the last 3 battles will be displayed, organised by the battle they were in
  • From this tab you can add players, message them, invite them to parties etc.

Unit XP Buttons

We've listened to your feedback, and prioritised the release of the second part of our improvement to the Unit XP panel. Now, the Unit XP button displays an additional bar showing the percentage of Unit XP / Free XP you would be spending on any given purchase.

If you don't have any Unit XP available, the buttons will show the Free XP price (with blue UI). Mousing over the button will also give you the exact breakdown of how much of each XP type you'll need to make the purchase. This means that you won't need to click on the button anymore to find out how much more XP you need.


  • You can no longer drown your men in the Rubicon
  • Fixed the First Strike phalanx issues (we're continuing to look into this to make sure there are no other instances)
  • Slingers’ Focus Fire now reaches the unit's max range
  • Various GFX fixes to the unit direction arrow
  • Changing resolutions no longer causes overlapping with Premium Account UI onto the Play button
  • You can now see friends' player profile levels.
  • Hasdrubal's spear no longer replaces the banner when on Elephants
  • Added text in several missing strings
  • Various minor fixes to the new commander portraits and shaders
  • Various commander front-end texture fixes
  • Fixed High "Depth of field" making the camera become blurry in the front end and other camera issues
  • Various cavalry animation fixes
  • Tech tree repositioning for Cynane and Germanicus
  • Corrected the database value for Ambiorix's final talent
  • Various fixes to purchase buttons
  • Various Hannibal and Elephants audio fixes
  • Fixed several terrain texture stretches
  • Fixed VFX not showing in screenshots
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