Patch Notes - Open Beta 3.1.12


Greetings Commanders! The day has finally arrived where we unleash an entire array of our wonderful, vivid and thematic color packs. We've seen many requests for color packs to date, and we're thrilled to finally release them. Be sure to head over to the community channels and let us know which unit colors you've picked! This patch also sees another visual update, with new models added to Salernum and lots of minor UI fixes. Read on for more details.

Color Packs

This patch also sees the addition of color packs! If you open the cosmetics tab, you'll find a wide range of new colors for your units. There are 24 color packs at launch, with 6 per faction. If you purchase a color pack, much like other cosmetics, it will be available to the entire faction's unit roster to use.


Salernum - City Visuals Update

After the successful release of Capua, we realized that the city area in Salernum required a bit more attention. As such, we've redressed the city and updated the amphitheater. We wanted a less grandiose version of the Colosseum, better suited to the city and its history. As such, a timber frame design was used. See below for some comparison pictures.

Overall Comparison:

3.1.11 — 3.1.12

'Improved' pictures:


Recommended Deployment Slots

When you load into battle one of the slots will be highlighted, this is your recommended deployment slot for your squad. Slots will be recommended to you based upon the unit type that you've brought into battle. This feature is intended to help those who struggle to initially understand their unit's place in battle and should help educate players about unit roles at an earlier stage.
You can turn this off through the options menu

Lots of Minor UI Changes

  • The consumable panel now has selectable states
  • Battle feed icons are now more consistent
  • 'Tech trees' order now matches 'Squad' order
  • Changes to currency icons to be more consistent
  • New Ambiorix icons to be more in line with ability styles
  • New icons for being hit by different kinds of artillery
  • Premium unit cards now show a hover state


  • Localization fixes
  • Fixed numerous bugs in Report Player (including one where you could report yourself)

Community Fixes

  • Players should no longer receive system message spam from chat when in battle
  • The southern alliance base on Gergovia no longer has buildings that are targetable
  • Javelins can now target deployables 
  • Artillery no longer gets stuck in an infinite firing animation loop (big thanks to MrKillerhomer, FredrickII, GXYZOD_Casual and GER_Firehawk for their help with this)
  • Multiple crashes fixed, including one which resulted in all players crashing and leaving no trace
  • Fixed misaligned UI highlight
  • Ballista Bolts will no longer do excessive splash damage, and their Reload Time has been brought in line with that of standard ammunition
  • Fixed the issue on the social panel where the wrong person is selected when you right click
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