Patch Notes - Open Beta 3.1.11


Greetings, Commanders!

In this patch, we see a significant update to current high-tier balance, which is something we've been cooking up for a while. Alongside this, we're releasing a new cosmetic feature! Selectable scenes will allow you to change your front end scene, and we've launched this feature with 8 front ends to choose from! Aside from that, this patch also has the first implementation of a report button. We know this is something the community have requested a lot, and we hope that it will be used to promote positive engagements and teamplay. Read below for the full details!

Selectable Scenes

With this release, we give you the ability to select one of the new magnificent base camps. To access this, click on the Premium Time or Currencies buttons in the top right and select Scenes.

Selectable Scenes Patchnotes 3.1.11
We also included the previous Closed Beta scenes in the selection. These are selectable free of charge as long as you have Premium Time.
Selectable Scenes Patchnotes 3.1.11

Report Player

Patchnotes 3.1.11
You can now report players through the context menu that appears when clicking their name.

There are a number of categories you can report a player for, including:

  • — Communication Abuse
  • — Unsporting Conduct
  • — Suspected Bot

Balance Changes


CommanderChangesDeveloper Notes
GermanicusHeavy Infantry Charge:
— Tier VIII Charge Impact Talents: reduced from +15% per point to +5% per point

— Tier VII and VIII Melee Damage Talents: reduced to 3% per point
(Fully upgraded Damage bonus: 105% -> 80%)
Germanicus was proving to be a little too dominant in too many areas for such a versatile commander.

Reducing the Charge Impact of Heavy Infantry Charge will hopefully give other charge-focused infantry commanders (such as Boudica) a bit more space to shine, and reducing the potential of Vengeance will make him less of the go-to commander for extended melee fights.
LeonidasFight in the Shade:
— Removed Melee Defence Penalty

Hold the Line:
— Tier 10 Melee Defence Talent: +10% per talent -> +20% per talent
While strong in the early game, Leonidas' power seemed to be tapering off at higher tiers.

Removing the Melee Defence penalty from Fight in the Shade allows Leonidas players the chance to, well, actually fight in the shade, and adding some more Melee Defence to Hold the Line will give him a little more staying power at higher tiers.
VercingetorixIron Discipline:
— Added +15% Melee Defence and +10 Missile Block to base
— Tier IX Melee Attack Talent: +5% per point to +10% per point
— Tier IX Charge Bonus Talent: replaced by +20% Charge Deflect
— Tier X Missile Damage Talent: replaced by +10 Missile Block

— Tier VIII Duration talent: +2s per talent to +1s per talent
— Tier IX Duration talent: +3s per talent to +2s per talent
(Fully Upgraded Duration: 40s -> 33s)
Vercingetorix had a spell of success as a powerful cavalry commander, but his performance with infantry was somewhat lacking.

We've tried to shift his power away from Defiance - which disproportionately benefits cavalry - to Iron Discipline, and replaced some of the weaker Iron Discipline talents with ones more suited to infantry.

The addition of Missile Block to Iron Discipline will give barbarian players a better answer to missile units.
— Base cooldown: 120 -> 140
— Tier VIII Cooldown talents: -4s per talent to -2 per talent
— Tier IX Cooldown talents: -4s per talent to -3s per talent
(Fully upgraded cooldown: 90 -> 115)

— Tier V and VI Melee Attack talents: 2% per talent to 1% per talent
(Fully upgraded Melee Attack Bonus: +50% -> +40%)
— Tier VI and VII Melee Defence talents: 3% per talent to 2% per talent
(Fully upgraded Melee Defence Bonus: +50% -> +40%)
Caesar was an extremely potent commander at higher tiers, and an essential part of high-tier team compositions.

Vici was capable of shutting down the enemy for extended periods of time, while Veni was providing too much of a stats boost given its long potential uptime. Both have been toned down a little.
ScipioOath of Perseverance:
— Base speed penalty reduced from -80% to -40%

War Cry:
— Tier X Charge Deflect Talents: removed, replaced by -10% enemy Movement Speed.
Oath of Perseverance was too easily countered by simply disengaging. We've decreased the speed penalty substantially so that this won't be quite as powerful a counter-play.

We've also replaced War Cry's Tier X Charge Deflect debuff - which was useful but situational - with a speed debuff, allowing Scipio players to hold on a bit more tightly to enemies who try to disengage.
— Tier VII and IX +Melee Attack talents reduced to +2% per point
(Fully upgraded Melee Attack bonus: +80% -> +68%)
— Tier VI and VII +Speed Talents reduced to +1% per point
(Fully upgraded Speed bonus: +30% -> +23%)

— Tier VII and VIII Melee Attack talents: reduced to -1% per talent
(Fully upgraded -Melee Attack: -60% -> -52%)
Sulla was one of the top-performing commanders, capable of performing extremely well with a wide variety of unit types. We've reined in some of his more extreme stat bonuses and penalties accordingly.
MiltiadesInfantry Charge:
— Tier VII Cooldown talent: -2s per point to -1s per point
— Tier IX Cooldown talent: -4s per point to -2s per point
(Fully upgraded cooldown: 15s -> 23s)

Break Ranks:
— Tier IX Speed talent replaced by +Turn Speed
(Fully upgraded Speed: +26% -> +22%)
Miltiades was too essential in high-tier play, largely because of his extremely good mobility options. We've toned these down slightly.
— Tier VIII and X Armour-Piercing Damage talents reduced to +3% per point
(Fully upgraded Armour Piercing Missile Damage: 0% -> -20%)

Rapid Advance:
— Base Turn Speed: +15% -> +10%
— Tier VII Turn Speed Talent: +2% per point to +1% per point
(Fully Upgraded Turn Speed: +30% -> +20%)
The Tier VIII and Tier X +Armour-Piercing Missile Damage talents on Barrage were providing far too much value. We've reduced their impact accordingly.

The Turn Speed of Rapid Advance was extremely beneficial to Pike units, while providing limited benefit to other unit types. We've reduced it in an attempt to limit the flexibility of Cynane’s pikes.

Unit Stats

  • Pikes: Base Turn Speed decreased by roughly 18%
  • There was an extreme disparity in Turn Speed between the slowest and the fastest units in the game. We've sought to reduce this by increasing the Turn Speed of some of the least agile units.
    The following units have had their Turn Speed increased by roughly 50%:


— Berserkers
— Heavy Horse
— Campaign Elites
— Elite Hippeis
— Libyan Infantry
— Mercenary Scutarii
— Samnite Warriors
— Veterans of Cannae
— Hellenic Cataphracts
— Armoured Legionaries
— Eagle Cohort
— Imperial Guard
— Legatus
— Praetorian Cavalry
— Praetorians
— Auxilia Palatina
— Legio IX Hispana
— Sarmatian Lancers
— Triarii
— Veteran Legionaries
— Band of Carthage


Missile Damage bonuses from equipment, consumables and abilities will no longer affect Armour-Piercing Missile Damage as well.

  • This bug fix, while small in terms of implementation, has a wide and meaningful impact on the damage output of missile units.

Unit Equipment

  • Turn Speed removed from all pike greaves
    — Due to the way that Turn Speed penalties and bonuses interact, even a few points of Turn Speed on greaves could dramatically increase a Pike unit's Turn Speed while in phalanx. This made Turn Speed far too valuable.
  • High-tier cavalry was capable of receiving extremely high Missile Block with equipment. We've toned down the strength of their high-tier equipment to make this less extreme.

    — Imperial Superior Oval Shield: Missile Block bonus reduced from +30% to +15%
    — Imperial Masterwork Oval Shield: Missile Block bonus reduced from +30% to +15%

    Noble Horse:
    — Defender of Oaths: Missile Block bonus reduced from +35% to +20%
    — Noble Hex Shield: Missile Block bonus reduced from +30% to +17%

    Numidian Vanguard:
    — Masterwork Animal-Skin Shield: Missile Block bonus reduced from +25% to +20%
  • Archers of Ullr:
    — Manfeller: reload speed penalty removed
    — Yew of Ullr: Damage bonus reduced from +20% to +15%
  • Cretan Archers:
    — Epic Hellenic Bow: reload speed reduction reduced from -12% to -9%
  • Imperial Velites:
    — Imperial Oval Shield: Shield Armour bonus reduced from +50% to +30%
    — Alpha Lion Pelt: Armour bonus reduced from +7% to +3%
    — Masterwork Light Greaves: Armour bonus removed


Barbarian: Sacrifice Animals

  • Damage bonus reduced from +12% to +7%

Ground Penalties

Speed penalties for Dense Forest reduced for some units:

  • Cavalry which previously received a 45% speed penalty will now receive a -35% penalty:
    — Sarmatian Lancers
    — Heavy Horse
    — Praetorian Cavalry
    — Elite Hippeis
    — Legatus 
    — Hellenic Cataphracts
  • Cavalry which previously received a 35% speed penalty will now receive a -30% penalty:
    — Auxiliary Cavalry 
    — Theban Cavalry 
    — Citizen Cavalry 
    — Celeres 
    — Companion Cavalry 
    — Thracian Royal Cavalry 
    — Gallic Cavalry 
    — Equites 
    — Elite Companions 
    — Carthaginian Cavalry 
    — Legionary Cavalry 
    — Agema Cavalry 
    — Mercenary Hippeis 
    — Italian Noble Cavalry 
    — Somatoph 
    — Royal Cavalry

Unit abilities

Pike Phalanx:

  • Turn Speed penalty decreased from -95% to -90%

Bug Fixes

  • Left clicking Unleashed Wardog entities out of vision selects the whole unit
  • The heavy artillery consumable Flaming Siege Bolt's tooltip description and effect don't match.
  • scalar_missile_damage_base is applying inappropriately to Armour-Piercing Missile Damage
  • Chat Help commanders text appears to be hard-coded in English.
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