Patch Notes - Open Beta 3.1.10


Greetings, Commanders! This patch sees the introduction of new skins, some changes to the post-battle flow, changes to selection and various animation bugfixes. We know you've been waiting for the next set of skins, but we wanted to make sure they were as polished as possible before unleashing them! So without further ado...

New Commander Skins!

This patch sees the release of 6 news skins! Below you'll find pictures of them, with 2 new skins for 3 commanders: Leonidas, Hannibal and Scipio Africanus.


God Of War:


Eternal Guardian:


Hannibal Barca





Scipio Africanus





Post-Battle Screen Improvements

We've made some improvements to our post-battle flow. You'll now find that:

  • Post-battle chat will be open by default
  • The details button has been replaced with a 'continue' button
  • This button will then open the battle results screen
  • The animations on this page are now a lot faster, so your results will be displayed much sooner!

We have also changed the ESC key behaviour on the MvP screen to behave a bit more like the front end:

  • If chat has text entered, clear the text
  • If chat has no text but is active, stop text input
  • If chat is not active, execute the functionality of the Continue button

Change to drag-select:

We've made a change to the selection system. Now, when you drag your box to select units, it will not select stragglers.

This means that if one man from a unit is lagging behind, and your selection box accidentally covers him, he will not be selected. The box will only select troops if it contains the main body of their unit.

Cosmetics Panel:

We've made a small improvement to the cosmetics selection panel.

Now, much like the commander skin selection, you'll find your unit's default equipment there to select too.

This change was made to help people who've equipped a variety of cosmetics and want to quickly go back to the unit's base look.

AFK System Extension

We have added new checks to detect players leaving the battle early and abusing the rewards system. We still plan on looking more widely into the AFK system, but this extension serves to end some exploits in the meantime.

There will be 2 new requirements in order to get team rewards when leaving a battle.

  • Take part in the battle for at least 5 minutes (without being flagged as AFK)
  • Lose all your units.

Improved Focus Fire behaviour for Cavalry

Cavalry that had access to 'focus fire' based abilities (such as Numidian throw and Cantabrian throw) will find that the ability has had its implementation improved.

  • The ability can now be activated and used while moving if the target is within 180 degrees of the unit.

The unit no longer needs to stop and re-orient before firing.


  • Fixed an issue with Ambiorix holding an arrow instead of a bow
Fixed a series of animation bugs (see below for the resolved issues):

  • At the end of a Cheering/Flinching animation the shield/weapon of a unit will snap to a slightly different position
  • Snapping issue when a Spear/Pike unit plays a Cheer animation while Raising Shields
  • An Archer entity's bow will float from their hand to their back at the end of a Cheer animation
  • Animation issue when an entity attacks while in spear phalanx and facing down or uphill - splice animations -
  • When Archers do the "cheer" animation, their bow will snap from their hand to their back and back to their hand
  • Greek Spear units' shields snap back into place after 'Thrust' animation has been completed
  • Using Shield Bash in phalanx results in the shield floating/clipping
  • Light and Heavy Thrust animations have significant clipping and floating of the entities shield
  • An unusual animation with the shields of units in spear phalanx after completing a move order
  • Blending issue at the end of the flinch (projectile) animation for most unit types
  • Spear entities experience weapon snapping during the flinch animation
  • Spear units experience weapon snapping during the flinch animation.
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