Update 3.1.2. is here


In Update 3.1.2, we bring you some the much-requested changes:

  • Commander upgrades will be limited to the unit Tier
  • Premium units will be instantly usable after purchase
  • War Dogs are getting a power-up
  • Stakes are getting toned down
Update 3.1.2 is now live.

It is time for us to deliver on a long-awaited community request. From this patch on, commander abilities upgrades will only be available up to the tier of the unit they take into battle. This is a big step towards creating fairer matches and clearer battlefields with more predictable engagement. Such a major change is not happening in a vacuum and will be accompanied by some UI improvements and new notifications. Some rebalance of commander abilities is already included in this patch, and more are in the works.

You also asked for the possibility to use Premium units right after acquiring them. With 3.1.2, we make that a reality. After purchasing a Premium unit, you will be able to use it irrespective of commander tier. As a part of this change, you will get access to the commander abilities for the tier of that unit, but only with upgrades that you have already unlocked. You will also need a commander from that faction.

We have heard continuous feedback about War Dogs being somewhat underwhelming. As a result of the introduction of strikes, their fighting power was further compromised. To improve their combat survivability, we have decided to greatly increase their Melee Defence and given their speed a boost.

Following our changes to Friendly Fire, we took another look at stakes and concluded that they are too powerful a tool for any defensive playstyles. Their damage against infantry has been greatly reduced, as well as their HP

To find out more about the changes, read the full patch notes.
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