Sharp-Toothed Support: Tear Your Enemies Apart with War Dogs!


A Tier-VIII premium unit will help you deliver crucial support and become a decisive factor on Total War: ARENA battlefields.

War Dogs are a fighting force to be reckoned with: these ferocious beasts can instill fear into the bravest of warriors. Ancient Romans knew that all too well and often employed War Dogs in combat—with great efficiency. Well-trained, massive canines were obedient to their masters and ruthless to enemies, breaking their battle ranks and destroying their fighting spirit.

War Dogs are available in Total War: ARENA. On a shrewd commander’s leash, they can turn the tide of battle, so it’s important to know where and when it’s best to let the dogs of war loose.

War Dogs belong to the Rome faction—a Tier VIII Premium unit with an impressive charge bonus and outstanding speed. They deal most of their damage while charging, so your preferred tactic should be supporting your allies in ongoing fights by tearing into enemy flanks. While trodding the battlefield with your mighty paws, look for lightly armored units—and bite them hard!

War Dogs: Strengths and weaknesses

Fast and maneuverableVulnerable to arrows
Great charge bonusVulnerable to charge
Provide excellent support for alliesLow melee parameters
Quick XP and Silver gain

Battle Tips

Use the Unleashed and Fetch skills to set the duration and intensity of an attack. When you unleash the dogs, you may call them off whenever necessary. This skill suits long range dashes. Fetch, activated for 10 seconds, is an option you will go with in most cases: the main strength of War Dogs is their fast, repeating charges.

Please remember that you shouldn’t get into protracted fights. Fierce as the dogs may be, they cannot handle these well. Also, never stop moving: if you stay in the open for too long, enemy archers will pick your hounds out with ease. Encroach on your bow- and sling-wielding opponents through forests and tall grass and turn the tables on them.

Commander Choice

The best commander options for War Dogs are Sulla and Julius Caesar. Both possess abilities that work well with the animals’ strengths. Sulla may whip the dogs to raise their speed and agility further, and debuff their target. Caesar has good buffs that make your pooches really shine in battle: they are the type of unit where all his abilities apply.

Recruit War Dogs into your army—and you’ll be of great assistance to your teammates, coming to their aid in crucial moments. Make sure to seek out vulnerable foes and engage them when they least expect it.

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