Progression Test in Patch 3.1.1

Victory is its own reward, but XP and Silver do make winning that much sweeter.
Since the launch of our Open Beta, we have been monitoring progression rates as well as battle rewards.

To properly identify any issues with progression of certain players, we decided to run a test for the next 7 days.

During this test period, we are going to tweak the different reward values and gather data on player behaviours. Based on internal tests, we expect smoother and more predictable progression.

How can you help?

Play as you would normally and enjoy the game! We’ll collect and study the data to confirm how these changes are working.

We are convinced this will improve the experience for most you and fasten your overall progression speed.

We are looking forward to your feedback on different community-run channels (Reddit, Discord).

Enjoy your spoils of war, and see you on the battlefield.

-The TWA Team

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