Progression Test Extended and New Matchmaking Test

Greetings, commanders!

We have two key pieces of news for you.

Firstly, we’re getting some really good data from the progression test and excellent feedback from the community. To make sure any further decision we make is truly informed, we’re going to extend the progression test for another week.

We are now planning to complete our Progression Test on Friday, May 18
Secondly, we have another test we’d like to roll out to our matchmaking systems. We’ve heard your feedback regarding the +2 tier matchmaking, so this weekend we’re going to adjust the matchmaking formula to prioritize reducing the unit tier difference between players. This might result in some battles having less varied unit type distribution and slightly longer matchmaking time.
Our Matchmaking Test is scheduled for the period from Friday, May 11, to Monday, May 14

Please leave any feedback on your matchmaking experience over the weekend on our Community channels, and, as always, we’ll see you on the battlefield, commanders.

The Total War: ARENA Team

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