Developer Newsletter #3 – Ranked Mode Reveal


This is an exciting newsletter to write.

As we’re writing this, the PTS for Open Beta patch 3.1.0 has just gone live. As such, we’re keenly awaiting feedback on 3.1s changes, which will directly affect what we work on over the next few weeks. As we can’t predict what changes this may bring, this newsletter will take an in-depth look at one upcoming feature that we’re working on currently:

Ranked Battles

We’re currently on the coding stage of ranked battles and are ready to share some of the specifics of the design with you. Please share any feedback you have about the below, especially smaller changes that we can easily implement into early iterations.

To get into your first ranked battle, you must have a T5 Commander, T5 units and a player level of at least 20. When you meet those requirements, and while a Ranked Season is active, you’ll be able to join the Ranked queue.

This special queue is PvP only and features a special 5 versus 5 game mode. Because of this, we have decided to increase the party size from 4 to 5 (when Ranked comes), so you will be able to form complete teams.

Individual play is still supported in this mode, with parties being heavily weighted in the ranked matchmaking algorithm to create balanced games. Unit type will be the most important thing we look at, but this is closely followed by the number of people in a party and their average rank. The end goal here is that each team would have the same number of parties, if any. The algorithm will be constantly assessed and tweaked if necessary, with the aim of creating a fair and balanced environment in each match.

The tests we’ve done for this mode so far have had some incredibly close battles and great team co-ordination. We’ve encouraged natural teamwork by halving the number of deployment positions. You now spawn as a complete alliance and expect to work together from the outset. However, we’ve found that one of the most important deciding factors in winning a 5v5 battle is individual player performance, one skilled player can turn the tide of the battle. Due to this, the matchmaking will also take into consideration how many Eagles you have.

What are Eagles? Eagles are how you progress up through the various leagues, and the reward granted to you at the end of a season will depend on which rank you end up in. When you and your team perform well and win the battle, you’ll be awarded an Eagle, if you lose the battle, then you’ll lose an eagle. Of course, you still earn your normal battle rewards (Free Exp, Unit Exp, Silver) alongside Eagles and your rank will be displayed on your profile, so everyone can see how pro you are. While we expect the top ranks to be incredibly competitive, more casual players will hopefully find a comfortable semi-competitive experience in the lower ranks. With less pressure compared to fighting for glory at the top, it’s a great place for you to see what you think of 5v5 matches.

Each Ranked season will have a different map pool, and our current thinking is that the map pool for Season 1 will include:

  • Teutoburg Forest
  • Passage of Augustus
  • Rubicon

With those maps in mind, what tactics will you be bringing to the new 5v5 mode?

Alongside Ranked, here are some other things you can expect from us:

Some short-term goals:

  • 3.1 Deployment and acting on immediate feedback
  • PTS refinement

Some medium/long-term goals:

  • More cosmetic options
  • Commander ability upgrades power limitation
  • Commander ability upgrades balance pass
  • Front-End UI improvements
  • More combat and ability animations

That’s all for this developer newsletter, and remember we also have weekly dev and community livestreams, so feel free to come along and ask questions there. Until then commander, we’ll see you on the battlefield.

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