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You have cut through countless legions, fought the enemy back from your gates, and earned glory and recognition in the field of combat. Are you ready for the next adventure? As you know, Total War: ARENA is currently in its Closed Beta stage, during which you have given us extraordinary assistance in shaping and refining the entire gameplay experience. We invite you answer the call to arms once again as we move into Open Beta!

Some downtime will be required as we make necessary changes to the game, including the removal of some content currently owned or earned by players. We’re inviting even more people to experience the game, and feel that it’s important everyone begins again with a fresh start.

Total War: ARENA servers will be closed from February 19 at 10:00AM UTC until February 22 at 10:00AM UTC. Some content will be wiped from players’ accounts during this period of downtime.
We hope that you’re as excited as we are to journey into the future of Total War: ARENA, keep an eye on our official channels for more information!
What in-game content can I keep after the wipe?

  • Premium Shop purchases.
  • Content received from bonus codes.
  • Prizes from the eight Marathon missions.
  • Prizes received during WG Fest.
  • Prizes received during the March of Factions event.
  • Prizes received during certain community streams.
  • Rewards received through The Immortals initiative.
  • Roman armour set received during the 2017 Saturnalia event.
What in-game content will be reset or removed after the wipe?

  • Silver.
  • Unit XP.
  • Free XP.
  • Commander and units progression
  • Commanders (except for Germanicus, Arminius, and Cynane).
  • Gold received for player level.
  • Gold, Premium time, and other content received during giveaways (including Open Weeks).
  • Premium units received during giveaways.
See you on the battlefield!

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