Barbarian Swordsmen Weekend—May 11–14

Ruthless and relentless, Barbarian soldiers know no fear. These tribal warriors are driven by ever-burning fury. Become their chieftain! From May 11, starting at 10:00 GMT, through May 14 at 10:00 GMT, you will receive:

— A 50% discount when purchasing Vercingetorix with Gold

— A 50% discount on Barbarian customization items

— A 15% discount on Berserkers, a Barbarian Tier VIII Premium unit

— A 50% discount when researching Tier II–V Barbarian Swordsmen

— A 30% discount when researching Tier VI–VII Barbarian Swordsmen

— A 15% discount when researching Tier VIII–X Barbarian Swordsmen

Send Barbarian hordes into battle and watch your enemies tremble in fear!
See you on the battlefield!
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