The battle of Belgae



In the Green cornerIn the Red corner
AmbiorixQ. Titurius Sabinus
CativolcusL. Aurunculeius Cotta
The Euborunes Tribe14th Legion

Round 1: The Rebellion

  • The match starts with the members of the 14th Legion wintering near the Eburones.
  • Fifteen days after they arrived, the Romans are sucker punched while foraging for food, and several are killed.
  • Ambiorix presses his advantage and follows the survivors to the Roman camp.
  • The Romans dodge and counter-attack, defeating Ambiorix.
  • Ambiorix, staggered, claims he was forced to attack them, and that many Germans are on their way (a lie), but offers safe passage to a nearby fort.


  • Several Roman soldiers
  • An equal number of Eburones warriors

Round 2: The Ambush

  • This round starts with the Romans worrying about the fake approach of German forces and preparing to leave.
  • On their march to the fort, they are ambushed with a left and right hook by Ambiorix.
  • Attacking on both sides, Ambiorix orders his men to skirmish, throwing and firing projectiles while dodging any retaliation.
  • L. Aurunculeius Cotta is hit in the face with a rock.
  • Seeing his partner go down, Q. Titurius Sabinus offers surrender to Ambiorix.
  • Ambiorix accepts his surrender, and gives a looong victory speech about how he will give them safety.
  • Barbarians surround the Romans while they’re listening to Ambiorix and the referee is distracted.
  • The trap is sprung, the Romans are slaughtered, both lieutenants are killed.
  • It appears that Ambiorix has won the fight.


  • Q. Titurius Sabinus - L. Aurunculeius Cotta’s face (and his life) - The entire 14th Legion

Round 3: The Massacre

A new challenger approaches!

  • But wait! Julius Caesar has entered the battle (with 10 legions).
  • He uppercuts Ambiorix’s allies, making them promise not to come to Ambiorix’s aid.
  • Then, he moves on the Eburones, specifically searching for Ambiorix.
  • Finding some members of the tribe alone, they interrogate them and find Ambiorix’s location.
  • They ambush him, but he dodges their attack and escapes into the woods.
  • The Eburones flee, but many are caught and exterminated by the 50,000 Romans.
  • Cativolcus commits suicide and curses Ambiorix in his dying breath.
  • Ambiorix and his men cross the Rhine and escape Caesar’s clutches.
  • Although Caesar killed his tribe, his vengeance against Ambiorix is not sated.
  • The match is a draw.


  • Cativolcus - The Eburones - Ambiorix’s pride


  • The Eburones are destroyed.
  • One Roman Legion lies dead.
  • Two Roman Lieutenants are killed (one with a mashed-up face).
  • Julius Caesar is left unfulfilled knowing Ambiorix escaped
  • Ambiorix lives, never to be heard from again.
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