July Games Marathon is over!

The fourth stage of the July Games is over. Check out the list of prize winners below. Congratulations, Commanders!

Greetings, Commanders!

What can be better than a thrilling victory in a fierce battle? Only the reward you get for it! Test your tactical skills and fight for valuable trophies in the new Total War: ARENA mission marathon: July Games.

The marathon will feature four stages of three days each. The first stage starts at 10:00 GMT on July 6. Complete the missions of every stage and get valuable rewards!

Marathon Rules

  • Available modes: PvP.
  • Commanders: any commanders, Tier I–X.
  • Units: Tier IV+ researchable and Premium units.

Please note that only the PvP mode is suitable for the July Games battles. Custom battles or PvE battles do not count towards the completion of missions.

Stage Schedule

Stage 1Stage 2Stage 3Stage 4
Starts: 10:00 GMT on July 6Starts: 10:00 GMT on July 13Starts: 10:00 GMT on July 20Starts: 10:00 GMT on July 27
Ends: 9:59 GMT on July 9Ends: 9:59 GMT on July 16Ends: 9:59 GMT on July 23Ends: 9:59 GMT on July 30

Results. Stage I

Please note that the players have asked us to review the results of the Fight for the Podium, Stage 1, and we have found several discrepancies. Please see the updated results below.

Zeus' Trophies

A Fight for the Podium

Results. Stage II

Zeus' Trophies

A Fight for the Podium

Results. Stage III

Zeus' Trophies

A Fight for the Podium

Results. Stage IV

Zeus' Trophies

A Fight for the Podium

July Games—Missions

Main: Zeus' Trophies

1 day prem

During one stage, finish at least 25 battles as a top-7 player by battle points earned.

Reward: 1 day of Premium Account

Additional: A Fight for the Podium

Your goal is to participate in battles and earn as much total XP as possible (Unit XP + Free XP). After each stage ends, the total XP earned in your 10 best battles during the stage will be summed up and added to the rating table of the current marathon stage. The higher the sum of the total XP, the higher your position in the rating. Be among the best Commanders of the stage and get a weighty sack of Gold!

Please note that only net XP is counted towards the completion of A Fight for the Podium. Any bonuses to XP related to specials, Premium Account, Premium units, first daily victories, and playing in a party do not count.

Rating tables are created separately for each stage.

Please note that only the players who complete Zeus' Trophies during the stage qualify for the rewards from A Fight for the Podium.

The more battles you play, the higher your chances of a reward!


— Level 1 reward: places 1–30 — 2,500 Gold.

— Level 2 reward: places 31–100 — 1,500 Gold.

— Level 3 reward: places 101–200 — 1,000 Gold.

— Level 4 reward: places 201–300 — 500 Gold.

Please note that a player can only get one reward of each level during the marathon. If a player gets into the same category of winners more than once, they are automatically moved into a lower category and receive a reward of a lower level.

Example: if a player ranks 3rd according to the results of the first stage and 5th after the second stage, they will be automatically moved to the 31st place and receive a level 2 reward: 1,500 Gold.

If a player gets into the third hundred of winners twice, they will be automatically moved to the 301st place. They will also get only the reward for Zeus' Trophies.

Additional Information

  • In case two or more players earn an equal amount of XP, the higher place in the rating goes to the player who earned the higher average Free XP within the mission period.
  • The rewards are accrued some time after the event ends. We will provide all the details a bit later, some time before the event ends.

Stay tuned, and see you on the battlefield, Commanders!

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