New Commander on PTS — Ambiorix


On the PTS, we're giving you a chance to try out and help balance our new Barbarian ranged commander. Please remember to give your feedback on how it feels to play with and against Ambiorix.

We recommend playing at Tiers VI–VIII. You will receive 10,000 Gold for purchasing three commanders and one Premium unit, 1,500,000 Free XP, and 2,200,000 Silver for upgrading two unit branches to Tier VIII! After the test, you will be able to complete a survey.

Developer Newsletter #7

New Barbarian Commander: Ambiorix

Ability name: Haste (I)

  • Attributes: Buff, Affects Self
  • Description: Move at a heightened pace, increasing Mobility and reducing Reload Time.
  • Usage (Base): Affects Self, 60s Cooldown, 10s Duration
  • Effects (Base): 12% Movement Speed, -20% Reload Time, +20% Acceleration.

Ability name: Crippling Shot (III)

  • Attributes: Launch Projectile, Ground Target, Resets Reload Timers, Knockback, Knockdown
  • Description: Fire a volley of debilitating missiles that can Knock Back enemies.
  • Usage (Base): Available to Missile Infantry, Targets Ground, 30s Cooldown, 5s Duration, AoE 6m, 75m Targeting Range
  • Effects (Base): -15% Missile Weapon Damage.

Ability name: From the Shadows (V)

  • Attributes: Buff, Toggle, Affects Self
  • Description: Enter a stance that increases Missile Range and Accuracy and reduces Negative Terrain Penalties, but greatly reduces Speed. Applies a High Trajectory to all projectiles.
  • Usage (Base): Available to Archers, Affects Self, 12s Cooldown, Toggle Duration.
  • Effects (Base): +20% Missile Weapon Range, -80% Movement Speed, -30% Missile Dispersion, -20% Negative Ground Modifier.

Who is Ambiorix?

Ambiorix's story starts with an ambush. He and his men attack a nearby foraging Roman force and drive them back to their camp. Here, the Romans launch a counter-attack and defeat Ambiorix who, as joint leader of the Eburones, takes responsibility for the attack, claims he was forced to attack the Romans and lies about a huge Germanic horde heading their way. The Romans panic and prepare to leave, but on their way to a nearby fort, Ambiorix ambushes them again, attacking both sides of the marching column. He orders his men to skirmish, to hit the Romans without getting hit themselves and to use every projectile they have. After hitting a Roman lieutenant in the face with a rock, their forces surrender. 

Ambiorix promises them safe passage out of his lands and starts a long-winded speech about how he guarantees their safety. During this speech, his men encircle the Romans, who are too focused on what Ambiorix is saying to notice the rustling of bushes. Then, the trap is sprung. The entire 14th legion is massacred. Caesar hears about this and brings 10 legions to find and kill Ambiorix. They ambush him and slaughter the Eburones, but Ambiorix manages to escape their clutches with some of his men and they cross the Rhine, never to be heard of again.

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