Developer Newsletter #8 – Silver, Ambush and Optimisation

Greetings, Commanders!

Let’s start this newsletter by talking about the Commander XP pricing increase. At the time of writing this, the prices will have just gone live, and we’ll be getting our first data from them. We want to reassure you all that your ideas and feelings on these changes have been discussed within the team. We’re monitoring the metrics and data incredibly carefully, and while we’re not going to get all the information we need in a few days, it’ll probably take a few weeks, we are taking your feedback seriously and looking at upcoming additions (such as daily missions/quests) that will help you generate Free XP.

As for news on other economies, we’re currently investigating the Silver economy. There are some discrepancies with replenishment costs, especially at higher tiers. The data are suggesting that some units are a lot more efficient than others when it comes to repaying their costs, so we’re looking to rebalance that. This is coupled by a potential change to consumable prices at Tier VII, as the jump there appears to be higher than at other tiers, so we’re looking into softening that jump.

With Ambiorix being released soon, we’ve listened to your concerns about Boudica’s ambush ability and its relevance to Barbarian archers. We’re increasing its synergy with War Dogs by reducing the speed debuff applied and allowing War Dogs to ignore strikes while it’s active (so long as the handlers aren’t in melee). This means that War Dog players get the choice between buffing their Dogs in combat or trying to flank and rout the enemy. There’s a bit more to the rework than that, and we’ll share the full details on stream tomorrow.

The response to the Commander skin that we showed off last time was great, so here’s another! Other exciting news regarding these skins is that we’ve implemented a system that allows your Commander picture on the toolbar to dynamically update with an image of the Commander skin.

What’s your dream Commander skin? Bonus points for drawings! We’ll show off your best illustrations/ideas on stream. We had some incredible map drawings last time, and your ideas were passed on to the map team.

Finally, we have some more optimisation news! We’ve spent a few weeks working on optimising the polygons in all the terrain, and we’ve seen roughly a 20x optimisation increase.

Terrain LODs have been optimised by 23x, with no loss in graphical fidelity. Our initial numbers are showing an increase of up to 18% FPS on low spec machines (depending on the map) with an average overall increase of 8% on low + recommended spec machines.

This week on The War Room livestream, Josh, Dave (content designer) and Paul (designer) will be showing off Ambiorix, Ambush and all the other features of 3.1.5. See you then!

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