Developer Newsletter 18 – Matchmaking and Points

Greetings Commanders!

Let’s jump into this newsletter and talk about Matchmaking.

A couple of months ago we made a whole bunch of changes to Matchmaking. We changed tier banding, the way units were considered by MM, the way Unit Tier were considered etc. Now that those changes have had a chance to breathe, we’re looking at how we can make further improvements to the system. One improvement that we’re considering, and we’d like to get your opinion on, how important do you rate “skill” into the matchmaking process, particularly while considering the other matchmaking dimensions: unit type, unit diversity, unit tier, etc. The full design of this kind of system is being explored and considered now, so we’d like to get your input on what you would consider accurate measures of skill, and how high importance player skill should have into the matchmaking process, let us know on any of our community-run platforms.

Another neat backend feature we’re actively working on is Deployment While Loading. This is a change to how ARENA loads the battle and allows your game to load the necessary elements for the deployment phase first, so that the other battle elements can be loaded in the background. What this means is that your time spent on a loading screen will be much shorter, and you’ll spend the rest of your loading time on the deployment screen, where you’re free to draw and talk tactics. Everyone will still access the deployment screen at the same time, so nobody is put at a disadvantage here, and hopefully the extra time to talk strategy will be put to good use!

While the above features are coming up, we do have some cool changes arriving in the meantime. Jamie spoke about points on Reddit recently and some of the changes we’re making. We’re going to be rebalancing the current point system, with a couple of major changes. The first of which is that damaging Elephants will be worth more points, we heard your feedback that killing Elephants was more effort than it was worth, and we want to make sure you felt rewarded for doing so. There has also been a pass made at capture points to make sure that you cannot farm them while contributing very little to the battle. These changes are joined by a few other tweaks, so be sure to tune in tomorrow for the full details.

In the works (not in the next update), there is a buff/debuff points system. This means that buffs and debuffs to relevant stats will grant you points. For example, if one of your units does a melee attack, anyone who is buffing your melee attack, (or if you actually hit and do some damage, anyone who is buffing your melee damage) will receive an amount of points proportional to the size of the buff they put on you. So someone buffing you 50% will receive more points than someone buffing you 20%.

Finally, for this newsletter, we’re going to discuss Commander Skins. It’s been a while since we’ve released any new Commander Skins, but we’re pleased to announce that the next patch will have Commander Skins for Vercingetorix, Caesar and Miltiades! Come along and watch The War Room tomorrow on Twitch to catch a glimpse of them!

That’s all for this newsletter, until next time Commanders, we’ll see you on the battlefield. Have a great Samhain!

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