Dev Newsletter #16 – Community changes


Greetings Commanders! 

We’re going to start up more direct developer-to-community communications on our social and community channels. Our aim is to increase the direct interaction from the developers so we can address your feedback and concerns in the best possible way.

We’ve seen a lot of positives from the community interactions we’ve had in recent months, and we want to take that engagement further. We’ll be able to share more insights on what we’re doing, give more information on upcoming content and interact with you all more directly. This is something we’ve started doing with the Bug Bounty system, and we’re already seeing great results with it, so look out for more direct information sharing like that ramping up over the next couple of weeks. It’s been a quieter time over the summer holiday season but we’re getting ready for some exciting updates.

Some specifics:

  • We’re going to give the Community Stream a few weeks off, and then we’re going to start a new series. Look out for more information on that soon.
  • The War Room livestream will continue, live every other Thursday at 16:30 UK time.
  • The Content Creators program is here to stay, and we’re continuing to build up the existing framework.
  • There is no immediate change to the handling of the Russian-speaking channels.
If you have any questions about this, please feel free to reach out to us on the social and community channels.

You might have also noticed that we haven’t done a roadmap update in a while, that’s because we’re currently looking at a couple of different ways to share more information with you that addresses some of the issues with how we previously presented upcoming content. There are lots of buy-in and legal checks to be made, but we have heard you, and we are working hard on a solution. Hopefully there will be more news on that soon.

As part of these changes, we’re going to open up a more explicit dialogue about matchmaking in this newsletter. If you’re reading this on a community site, please take a minute to answer these questions: 

How do you feel about the current matchmaking times? Are they too short or too long? How open would you be to a slight queue time increase in favour of better matchmaking quality (better unit type distribution, better party distribution, better skill distribution)?

Now, onto some changes we’ve been working on. The last patch introduced some nifty features, so while the feature teams work on their next features, patch 3.1.13 is looking to be more balanced-focused.

While some of these upcoming balance changes are stat based, others are a little more advanced. For example, Pike Phalanx will now generate Fatigue while attacking, similar to how Spear Phalanx currently works. This means that once above 70% fatigue, only successful pike attacks (i.e. attacks that cause damage) will cause knock back. Pikes will be able to recover fatigue by moving backwards and can be affected by abilities that modify Fatigue regeneration. These changes will add more depth to pike gameplay, as pike players are going to have to manage their fatigue carefully. Pushing into massed enemies will increase your fatigue quickly, as will attempting to turn around to face enemies from the rear or side.

Another hot community balance issue being addressed is the high damage output of Roman Spears (especially with Vengeance or Phalanx active). Both the Triarii and Auxilia Palatina will have their Melee Damage lowered to compensate for this. Thank you to those who raised the issue, hopefully this will put it to bed. We’re going to be look at these changes carefully, and we will take further steps if necessary.

That all for this dev newsletter, but there’s a lot more balance going into the next patch. As always, for the full scoop, be sure to tune in to The War Room tomorrow. We’ll see you there!

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