Developer Newsletter #15


Greetings Commanders!

Let’s first talk about colour packs! We teased them in the last newsletter, but we’re happy to announce that the next patch will see them introduced. There are several (up to 6) colour packs available for each faction at launch, so be sure to let us know which ones are your favourites!

Another feature arriving next week is the ‘recommended deployment slots’ feature. We’ll share more information on this tomorrow, but it’s primarily aimed at new players, suggesting some deployment slots for them (which they are free to ignore or turn off in the menu) based on their unit type. We’ve found that the initial deployment screen can be a bit overwhelming, especially if it’s one of your first times seeing that side of the map, so hopefully this system will help new players to understand their place on the battlefield.

While we’re working on those features, we’re also having lots of meetings and reviews about your feedback on both the T10 ability swapping, and on Ranked Mode. We’ve got some changes planned on paper, and we think you’re going to be happy with the result, but until we can get those changes solidified and approved, that’s all that can be said at this point. Thank you to everyone who answered the surveys or responded to any of the threads, we’ve taken that feedback with us into every meeting and design discussion about the features.

Alongside discussing upcoming content, this newsletter is also very exciting because it’s the first time we get to officially thank you, the community, for helping us to fix bugs. We spoke a few weeks ago about our new bug-tracking and logging, and we’re starting to see the first fruit of that system. The following community-raised bugs will be fixed in the next release:

  • The insta-kill building on Gergovia
  • Light Artillery firing when all entities are dead
  • The game crashing for the entire team with no replay (there may be further work needed on this, so please keep vigilant)
  • Artillery stuck in an infinity loop of firing with no projectile being fired (big thanks to MrKillerhomer, FredrickII, GXYZOD_Casual and GER_Firehawk for their help with this).

As that final bug was a bug bounty, we’ll also update you as to the root of the issue. You correctly identified that the trigger was right-clicking at the edge of your range, and after we dug into this, we found that the underlying cause of this is that Caesar’s buffs are increasing the maximum range for the engine, but the velocity for the projectiles being fired is not sufficient to reach that new extended range. We’ve fixed this issue by raising the maximum velocity. Thank you to everyone who worked with us on that bug.

Speaking of the Bug Bounty system, the rewards for solving a bug bounty are currently being prepared to go in-game. Here are the current titles:

  • — Bug Blaster (solve at least 1 bug)
  • — Trouble Shooter (solve at least 2 bugs)
  • — Bounty Hunter (solve at least 4 bugs)

If you’ve helped us out with a bug bounty, then you’ll find yourselves with these titles shortly after 3.1.12 launches. If you’re looking at them enviously, then check out the #bug-bounty-channel on the community-run Discord, where you’ll find a new bounty waiting for you!

That’s all for this newsletter! For more information on 3.1.12 tune in to The War Room tomorrow. Until then commanders, we’ll see you on the battlefield.

The ARENA Team.

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