Developer Newsletter #10


Greetings, Commanders!

In our roadmap we spoke about adding more social features to the game so that you can reach out and connect to people who you had a synergy with. Well, 3.1.6 saw the release of the Recently Played list, but we do have some other features we’re working on. Before we talk about those, we want to first apologise for the delayed deployment of build 3.1.6. Unfortunately, due to issues that were out of our control, there were problems with creating the build and getting it correctly authorised and tested. With that said, the delay was limited to just that release, and shouldn’t have affected our future schedule at all.

Joining the post-battle features is a new post-battle chat system, which creates a lobby for you and those you’ve just played with during the most recent match. As of now, this is limited to players within your region, but we’re hoping that, once global play is implemented, this will be expanded to all players.

We want to improve communication within battle too. In 3.1.7 we’ll be improving the battle communication features, adding another radial wheel with some basic commands (‘defend base’, ‘push forward’, ‘pull back’, etc) and these commands will automatically be translated into the language of other players, breaking down those language barriers.

Alongside this, we’re revamping the Most Valuable Player (MVP) and front end screens. The MVP screen is going to be expanded to include more players and to show off more than just who got the most points. At the moment, we’re working on implementing UI that will allow you to switch between different front end locations, and we’ve got a screenshot of one of these new locations here! 

twa_developer Newsletter_10_Front_End_New

Last week we focused on discussing our roadmap, but we saw that you all wanted us to talk a little more about upcoming balance.

Firstly, we have some changes coming to Caesar, switching out Vidi’s Reload Time talent with Missile Range to try and limit the ‘rainbow’ combo we’ve seen between Caesar and Cynane players. This change is joined by some further swapping of talents for Veni, and a slight reduction in the duration of Vici, and a slight increase in its cooldown.

Caesar isn’t the only commander being worked on. Our data, combined with your feedback, suggested that Oath was underperforming, especially when enemy abilities were applied to Scipio, so we’ve buffed Scipio’s Oath of Perseverance. The base morale will be increased to 100, so that 3 flanks can be withstood.

After a successful launch, we’re also finetuning our new commander. Ambiorix’s crippling shot is getting a ‘can’t use when engaged in melee’ flag, alongside some other tweak to Targeting Range and Cooldown.

Looking further ahead, we are also reading your feedback about the Ranged Meta very carefully, and we are looking into the issue and digging into the statistics. So please keep providing us with feedback about it.

For the full stats and details of the balance changes coming in 3.1.7, make sure to check out The War Room tomorrow. If you have any questions for Josh, Paul (Designer), Leif (World Designer) and Jamie (Feature Designer), then leave them below!

Apart from that, our question for you this newsletter is: How do you imagine a full-city map’s mini-map looking? We’ll show off the best reponses on stream, where Leif himself can have a look at them!

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