Community Forge #15


Welcome to the fifteenth Community Forge, where we bring you some of the latest content created by our Community. This week:

With the recent changes affecting Premium units (buffing them), some have worried the game is becoming pay to win. Arx Strategy looks into it in detail to provide a clear and objective opinion. Tune in to get the answer.

We started talking about patch 3.1.4 and some future changes in our dev newsletter 7. Evo Loz Gaming goes over all the juicy news to give you an insight into these, while running a background replay of some nice gameplay.

Some great NA gameplay with LegendofTotalWar who invited Evo Loz Gaming to team up. Will they manage to go on a winning streak or will defeat greet their newly made alliance? Find out now.

Finally, we’ve just announced the name of our new Barbarian Commander: Ambiorix, an Archer specialist. In the meantime, who can you take to train your Barbarian Archers? To make an informed decision, check out Solomon Raz’ video on how the 3 Barbarian Commanders fare with this unit type.

That’s it for this week. If you haven’t done so yet, go check out our previous Community Forges here.

If you make content and want to be featured here as part of our Content Creators, reach out to Akriom on Discord.

Until next week, see you on the battlefield!

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