Introducing CBT Weekend Battle Missions - Marathon: Warrior Trials!

Heaven cannot brook two suns, nor earth two masters.
— Alexander the Great

Commanders who have joined the frontlines of Total War: ARENA’s Closed Beta Test can prove their skill and endurance in a series of special battle missions available every weekend, beginning Friday evenings at 20:00 CEST, and ending on Sunday evenings at 23:59 CEST. There is one goal to work towards per weekend, with each goal being unveiled every Friday evening on the Total War: ARENA portal and social media channels. The results of each mission will be revealed the week after it has ended.

You will have the chance to win one of 300 rewards every weekend, with the ultimate prize being a Founder’s Pack worth €99.99! Check out the list below to find out more about the spoils of battle you could be walking away with.

The first goal will be revealed Friday September 8th at 18:00 CEST. That means there’s just enough time for commanders to get their units rallied and prepared for battle.

TWA Missions


Level 1 (Group A)
Level 2 (Group A)
1st-3rd Place
4th-10th Place
Ultimate Bundle
Starter Bundle
Level 3 (Group B)11th-25th Place14 days of Premium Account
Level 4 (Group B)26th-55th Place7 days of Premium Account
Level 5 (Group B)56th-105th Place5 days of Premium Account
Level 6 (Group B)106th-300th Place3 days of Premium Account


Q:  When will I know my results?

A:  The week after the respective mission finishes.

Q:  Can I earn the same tier reward twice?

A:  No. You are not able to earn a reward from the same tier twice. For example, if you earned the 1st place once and received a tier 1 reward, the next time you earn the 1st place, you will receive a tier 2 reward (and if you earned two tier 3 places you would receive a tier 4 reward, and so on for different tiers). So, any player can only earn a reward of the same tier once per account.

Q:  Can I give away my reward to another account?

A:  No.

Q:  What will you do if two or more players reach the same place in the ranking?

A:  Each player will have the same ranking, and receive the same reward.

Q:  What happens if I already purchased a Founder’s Pack and receive the same reward?

A:  You will receive Gold in compensation for units, additional days of Premium Account time if these were in Founders Packs.

Q: What is the difference between Group A and Group B rewards?

A:  Group A rewards can be earned without limits during Closed Beta Test, but the maximum amount of Premium Days that can be earned through the start of the Open Beta Test is 30 days. The maximum reward for Group A is the Ultimate Bundle, with the potential to also win a Starter Bundle. Rewards from Group B are stackable, with the maximum total rewards able to be earned being 29 days of Premium Account.

Q: What is the maximum rewards I can get from missions over the course of the CBT?

A:  It’s possible to win a prize from all six levels of rewards, from 3 Premium Days all the way up to the Ultimate Bundle (containing all Premium Units and Customization Items from Founder Packs, 12,300 gold from the Ultimate Bundle, 30 days of Premium Account, 1,250 gold from the Starter Bundle, and 29 days of Premium Account from the remaining level rewards). All of this will be available from day one of the Open Beta Test.

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