Mission #6: Warrior Accolades


If you are persistent, you will get it. If you are consistent, you will keep it.

Your achievements on the battlefield have spread far and wide, and could bring you glory and riches! This weekend, earning specific achievements will grant you accolades, and the warriors with the most accolades at the end of this weekend battle mission could earn Founder’s Packs or Premium time.

This weekend's battle mission, Warrior Accolades, begins at 20:00 CET on Friday November 10, and ends at 23:59 CET on Sunday November 12.

  • Must participate in at least 30 battles
  • Only your top 15 battles where you scored the most accolades will count.
  • Players will earn the following accolades for completing each achievement:
AchievementDescriptionNumber of Accolades Earned*
- Exterminator: 100 kills
- Exterminator: 300 kills
- Exterminator: 500 kills
- Exterminator: 700 kills
Rack up the kills!- 4 Accolades
- 8 Accolades
- 10 Accolades
- 16 Accolades
Exterminatus MaximusKill 700 enemies in a single battle20 Accolades
Corona MaximusKill the most enemy soldiers in a battle30 Accolades
Corona CivicaDeal the most damage in a battle30 Accolades
Corona ObsidionalisEarn the most points in a battle40 Accolades

*Accolades do not stack; players will only earn accolades for the highest level achieved in each battle.

  • Victory is defined by most accolades earned
Mission Requirements
  • Units must be Tier III and above
  • Commander cannot exceed unit tier by more than 1
  • The squad tier is calculated by the lowest unit tier in the player’s roster
  • If more than one player occupies the same place in the leaderboard, the winner will be defined as the player with the highest win rate across all battle played during the mission weekend
1st-3rdUltimate Bundle
4th-10thStarter Bundle
11th-25th14 days of Premium Account
26th-55th7 days of Premium Account
56th-105th5 days of Premium Account
106th-300th3 days of Premium Account

See you on the battlefield!

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