Official Total War: ARENA Twitch Channel Launches This Week!


Even during peacetime, when blood-soaked battlefields and tales of glory are but a whisper on the wind's breath, some mighty warriors still long for the thrill of combat. We're proud to announce that we are launching an official Twitch channel for Total War: ARENA this week, so even when you're not in the midst of war, you can watch, learn, and potentially win prizes from Wargaming and Creative Assembly!

Creative Assembly will be hosting the first live stream on the official Total War: ARENA Twitch channel, where you can catch the developers talking about the Open Week, and hear more about the game. The stream will be live from Tuesday November 28 at 17.30 UTC until 18.30 UTC.

The full streaming schedule can be found on the Twitch channel. Make sure you hit 'Follow' to stay up to date on all our streaming activities through the end of 2017 and beyond!

See you on the battlefield!

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