Update 2.1: Patch Notes

I found Rome a city of bricks, and left it a city of marble.
— Caesar Augustus


As we all know, Rome wasn’t built in a day, and it didn’t reach its full potential as an overwhelmingly mighty and all-powerful empire without the help of thousands of its citizens and soldiers. As we march valiantly onwards through the Total War: ARENA Closed Beta Test, we rely on the feedback from you, our heroic Commanders, so that we can make important changes and improvements to the game.

In the latest update, we’re introducing some big new changes that we can’t wait for you to try out. The Replay System allows you to reflect and learn from your previous battles – analyse the battlefield and study your enemy to find out how you can best them in combat when you next lock swords! Player Levels will give you quantifiable proof of progress as you journey through Total War: ARENA allowing you to earn rewards including currency and days of Premium Account. There’s even more packed into this latest update, from Player Titles that show off your accolades on the battlefield, to further additions, improvements, and fixes. Your experience is our top priority, and while Total War: ARENA wasn’t built in a day, we are certainly getting there!

Balance changes and entirely new abilities have been implemented for Tier VI and beyond – but don’t worry if you haven’t reached Tier VI yet, as we want as many players as possible to be able to test these changes! Log in to the game between now and Monday 2 October at 05:00 CEST (UTC+2) to receive a free gift of 500 Gold and 3 Premium Account days to give you a boost as you climb towards Tier VI.

Player Levels:

  • Player level is a single number that represents the player's overall time spent playing Total War: ARENA. It continues on past Tier X, and is separate to commander tiers and unit upgrades.
  • The player levels up automatically by playing battles, and the battle outcome influences the speed of levelling up. This number constantly grows regardless of being a 'spread' player (a player who plays multiple or all Commanders) or 'tunnel' player (players who concentrate on a single Commander), allowing you to easily compare your game rank with your friends.
  • Your player level is very visible on your profile, and you are given various rewards for levelling up, including currencies and premium access, but we are looking at more rewards to add to this.

Player Titles:

  • You can now earn and unlock titles which can display alongside your player name in battle.
  • Titles are a great way of showing off achievements you've earned and add a level of customisation to your profile. Titles are available when you earn the Silver Grade of an achievement, while Mythical Achievement titles are available when you unlock the achievement, regardless of Grade.
  • More titles will be available as we implement more achievements.
  • Titles appear before your player name and above it in battle (this is customisable in the UI settings).
  • We are looking at a way to reward closed beta players for participating with a unique title.
Player Titles
  • The conditions for unlocking the current titles are as follows:


TitleAchievement RequiredCondition
LegatusLegatusBuy a Roman Commander
ConsulRoma Invicta (gold)1,250 Roman victories
AfricanusAfricanus (Silver)1,000 Scipio victories
AvengerGermanicus (Silver)1,000 Germanicus victories
ConquerorConqueror (Silver)1,000 Caesar victories
TitleAchievement RequiredCondition
War ChiefWar ChiefBuy a Barbarian Commander
WarlordAesir Warlord (Silver)1,250 Barbarian victories
EaglebaneLiberator (Silver)1,000 Arminius victories
RuinerLioness (Silver)1,000 Boudica victories
Warrior KingUniter (Silver)1,000 Vercingetorix victories
TitleAchievement RequiredCondition
StrategosStrategosBuy a Greek Commander
AutorkratorEpiphanes Autokrator (Silver)1,250 Greek victories
The GreatThe Great (Silver)1,000 Alexander victories
SpartanSpartan (Silver)1,000 Leonidas victories
QueenslayerQueenslayer (Silver)1,000 Cynane victories
TyrantTyrant (Silver)1,000 Miltiades victories
All factions (Continuous):
TitleAchievement RequiredCondition
ImperatorImperator (Silver)90 Units unlocked
LegendAd VictoriamUnlock all Units and have all Commanders at Tier X
All factions (Single Battle):
TitleAchievement RequiredCondition
ScourgeExterminatus Maximum (Mythic)1,500 kills in a single battle

Replay System:

  • Replay system implemented, the controls you have during a replay are:

    • Pause
    • Fast Forward (x2, x5)
    • Slow motion (x0.5)
    • Free Camera View
    • Select any player and view fog of war from their perspective (but not their camera movements)
    • Fog of War on/off
  • The Cloud replay browser extends the local replay browser by allowing you to download replays from the cloud. You will be able to access your own or your friends' replays and tag games you enjoyed as ‘Favourites’. While in the battle, all tooltips and battle UI are still available, so you can read the battlefield exactly how you would in battle. This is a great way to show off a particularly good battle to your friends, or to watch and analyse where you went wrong or got defeated.

New Tooltips:

  • New information display with abilities, descriptions, unit type, and difficulty.
  • New tooltips for every option menu item to help you understand what each option does.
  • New ability tooltips that help to explain the ability more clearly and give a more technical breakdown of its effects.
  • New Commander tooltips showing faction, difficulty, specialty, a short description and Commander abilities.
  • New short and flavoursome unit descriptions for all current units, mixing tactical and historical information. These will be implemented for all future units and factions from the outset.
  • All units have also had their colouring looked at to make them more historical and varied, with many units now having unique colourings.

Battle Decorations:

  • Can now earn decorations in battle which are rewards for small, positive actions. These will display at the top right of the screen and multiple different kinds can be unlocked, dependent on positive actions done in battle.
  • These decorations have been added to reward you for playing well, and giving you immediate feedback on your actions.
  • Decorations are currently rewarded for the following:
Killed an enemy commander
Executed a Surprising Flank Manoeuvre
Caused an enemy to suffer a Nuke Morale Penalty
Dealt the final blow that caused a unit to be eliminated or shattered
Decap an enemy unit capturing your base
Apply a morale effect to an ally that means the difference between routing and not routing
Destroy an enemy artillery piece
Rout an enemy unit (only awarded to most recent enemy morale effect)

Victory/Defeat Screen:

  • Victory/Defeat screen now shows the top players from each team, and their associated Commanders.
  • We have built on the glory of finishing a battle by adding an animated Top Players call-out following the Victory / Defeat screen.
  • After seeing the Victory / Defeat screen for a few seconds, you will see this new screen showing one player from each team based on one condition from this list:

    • Most kills
    • Most spotting
    • Most capture
    • Most decorations

Tier VI+ Ability Overhaul:

All Tier VI+ units have had their statistics and abilities considered and tailored towards their playstyles, with entirely new abilities added.


  • Introduced Formed Combat as the new base ability for Tier VI+ Roman Infantry, increasing their defensive capability.
  • Differentiated infantry types by introducing "Light Pila" and "Heavy Pila"
  • Gave Javelins a mix of either mobility, or missile blocking abilities.
  • Focused the Cavalry unit line more on having a mix of supporting abilities.
  • Tier VIII Italian Noble Cavalry: Melee Attack reduced from 161 to 153, Melee Defence reduced from 85 to 81.


  • Increased frontal block on Pikemen, so that they are not reliant on having ‘Raise Shield’ as a unit ability on every unit.
  • Scattered some supporting & mobility abilities into the spear line to help with Greek mobility.
  • Alternated between offensive and supportive Cavalry units for unit diversity.
  • Offered more tank, damage, or mobility options through equipment choice for Archers.
  • Alternated fast fire and range for the Slingers through abilities.

Barbaric Clans:

  • More fire abilities.
  • Mixed up the Wardogs with new ability and release options.
  • Fetch: Intercept range reduced from 110 to 80.
  • Introduced some buff/debuff abilities to the infantry line.
  • Damage & speed buff abilities for Falxes.
  • Mixed support abilities for the Cavalry.
  • Alternated fast fire and range with the Missile units through abilities.

Units Pass:

For the lower tiers, morale flank damage has been rebalanced so that battles feel more offensive and combat-focused, where you are able to more confidently engage the enemy. Softening the lethal nature of morale flank damage allows newer players to learn about the morale system while it is less punishing and offers more opportunities to support and reinforce allies at the lower tiers, helping to encourage teamwork throughout all tiers.

For the higher tiers, we saw a predominance of Cavalry and registered that the community were concerned about this. Instead of rushing out a balance patch and making a mistake, we waited until more data was available, and then considered how to approach the subject. The result is a reduction in the amount of morale damage done by Cavalry in the higher tiers, as we found that players could use a support ability and then flank to inflict incredibly large amounts of morale damage. By reducing the raw flank morale damage, you are still encouraged to use support abilities and help teammates, but Cavalry are no longer able to single-handedly rout large quantities of units.

  • Rebalancing of Morale flank damage:

    • Roman:

      • Tier I
        • Pedites decreased from -70 to -56
        • Tirones decreased from -35 to -28

      • Tier II
        • Milites decreased from -70 to -56
        • Leves decreased from -35 to -28

      • Tier III
        • Accensi decreased from -70 to -62
        • Republican Skirmishers decreased from -35 to -31
        • Catapult decreased from -35 to -31

      • Tier IV
        • Hastati decreased from -70 to -64
        • Socii Javelineers decreased from -35 to -32
        • Heavy Catapult decreased from -35 to -32
        • Auxillary Cavalry decreased from -70 to -52

      • Tier V
        • Principes decreased from -70 to -67
        • Rorarii decreased from -35 to -34
        • Onager decreased from -35 to -34
        • Architecti decreased from -35 to -34
        • Celeres decreased from -70 to -54
        • Retentus decreased from -70 to -67

      • Tier VI
        • Equites decreased from -70 to -56

      • Tier VII
        • Legionary Cavalry decreased from -70 to -56

      • Tier VIII
        • Italian Noble Cavalry decreased from -70 to -56

      • Tier IX
        • Praetorian Cavalry decreased from -70 to -56

      • Tier X
        • Legatus decreased from -70 to -56

    • Greek:

      • Tier I

        • Mycenaean Hoplites decreased from -45 to -36
        • Mycenaean Archers decreased from -35 to -28

      • Tier II

        • Archaic Hoplites decreased from -45 to -38
        • Archaic Archers decreased from -35 to -29

      • Tier III

        • Theban Hoplites decreased from -45 to -40
        • Ionian Archers decreased from -35 to -31
        • Theban Cavalry decreased from -62 to -49

      • Tier IV

        • Levy Pikeman decreased from -45 to -41
        • Athenian Hoplites decreased from -45 to -41
        • Toxotai decreased from -35 to -32
        • Citizen Cavalry decreased from -70 to -52
        • Telesillis Argives decreased from -45 to -41

      • Tier V

        • Theban Pikeman decreased from -45 to -43
        • Macedonian Hoplites decreased from -45 to -43
        • Cycladic Archers decreased from -35 to -34
        • Psiloi decreased from -35 to -34
        • Thorax Spearman decreased from -45 to -43
        • Companion Cavalry decreased from -70 to -54

      • Tier VI

        • Elite Companions decreased from -70 to -56

      • Tier VII

        • Agema Cavalry decreased from -70 to -56

      • Tier VIII

        • Somatophylakes decreased from -70 to -56

      • Tier IX

        • Royal Cavalry decreased from -70 to -56

      • Tier X

        • Hellenic Cataphhracts decreased from -70 to -56

    • Barbarian:

      • Tier I

        • Tribesman decreased from -77 to -68
        • Riders decreased from -47 to -34

      • Tier II

        • Woodsmen decreased from -77 to -65
        • Scouts decreased from -47 to -36

      • Tier III

        • Warband decreased from -77 to -68
        • Raiders decreased from -47 to -38
        • Huntsman decreased from -39 to -34

      • Tier IV

        • Seconded Strays decreased from -77 to -71
        • Bloodsworn decreased from -77 to -71
        • Cherusci Warband decreased from -77 to -71
        • Brigands decreased from -47 to -40
        • Cimbri Archers decreased from -39 to -35

      • Tier V

        • Wild Wolves decreased from -77 to -74
        • Warriors decreased from -77 to -74
        • Falxmen decreased from -77 to -74
        • Mounted Warband decreased from -47 to -41
        • Archer Warband decreased from -39 to -37
        • Basternae Falxmen decreased from -77 to -74

We have addressed the slight power imbalance found between Greek Cavalry and other units by toning down their charge impact.

  • Reduced the charge impact of Greek Cavalry units:

    • Theban Cavalry from 125 to 121
    • Citizen Cavalry from 126 to 122
    • Companion Cavalry from 127 to 123
    • Elite Companions from 129 to 124
    • Agema Cavalry from 130 to 126
    • Somotophylakes from 131 to 127
    • Royal Cavalry from 132 to 128
    • Hellenic Cataphracts from 142 to 138

After analysing the data from the last few weeks, we found that cavalry units tended to lose more of their men, but had to pay a lower replenishment cost than other units. To address this, we've slightly increased the unit cost of these units to bring it more in line with other unit types.

  • Increased the unit cost of all cavalry units by approximately 10% Silver

    • Roman:

      • Tier V Celeres increased from 1160 to 1280
      • Tier VI Equites increased from 1720 to 1880
      • Tier VII Legionary Cavalry increased from 2360 to 2600
      • Tier VIII Italian Noble Cavalry increased from 3120 to 3440
      • Tier IX Praetorian Cavalry increased from 4280 to 4680
      • Tier X Legatus increased from 5280 to 5800

    • Greek

      • Tier III Theban Cavalry increased from 480 to 520
      • Tier IV Citizen Cavalry increased from 840 to 920
      • Tier V Companion Cavalry increased from 1280 to 1280
      • Tier VI Elite Companions increased from 1720 to 1880
      • Tier VII Agema Cavalry increased from 2360 to 2600
      • Tier VIII Somatophylakes increased from 3120 to 3440
      • Tier IX Royal Cavalry increased from 4280 to 4680
      • Tier X Hellenic Cataphracts increased from 5280 to 5800

    • Barbarian

      • Tier II Scouts increased from 180 to 225
      • Tier III Raiders increased from 450 to 495
      • Tier IV Brigands increased from 855 to 900
      • Tier V Mounted Warband increased from 1170 to 1260
      • Tier VI Gungir Chargers increased from 1710 to 1890
      • Tier VII Blood Riders increased from 2385 to 2610
      • Tier VIII Nifilheim Riders increased from 3150 to 3465
      • Tier IX Harbingers increased from 4275 to 4680
      • Tier X Noble Horse increased from 5265 to 5805

Archers appeared to be having a harder time generating revenue than other unit types due to their inability to gain silver from multiple sources as the majority of their income is purely from dealing damage. To make sure that they are more in line to other unit types, we have slightly reduced the cost of many archer units.

  • Decreased the unit silver cost of some archer units by approximately 10%

    • Roman:

      • Tier III Republican Skirmishers decreased from 450 to 405
      • Tier IV Socii Javelineers decreased from 810 to 720
      • Tier V Rorarii decreased from 1080 to 990
      • Tier VI Velites decreased from 1620 to 1440
      • Tier VII Augustan Skirmishers decreased from 2250 to 2025
      • Tier VIII Veteran Velites decreased from 2970 to 2655
      • Tier IX Elite Velites decreased from 4050 to 3645
      • Tier X Imperial Velites decreased from 4995 to 4500

    • Greek

      • Tier V Cycladic Archers decreased from 1080 to 1020
      • Tier VI Levy Slingers decreased from 1620 to 1440
      • Tier VI Lesbos Archers decreased from 1620 to 1440
      • Tier VII Scythian Archers decreased from 2280 to 2040
      • Tier VIII Pontic Slingers decreased from 3000 to 2700
      • Tier VIII Helot Slingers decreased from 3000 to 2700
      • Tier IX Cimmerian Heavy Archers decreased from 4080 to 3660
      • Tier IX Olympic Slingers decreased from 4080 to 3660
      • Tier X Rhodian Slingers decreased from 5040 to 4500
      • Tier X Cretan Archers decreased from 5040 to 4500

    • Barbarian:

      • Tier IV Cimbri Archers decreased from 780 to 720
      • Tier V Archer Warband decreased from 1080 to 1020
      • Tier VI Proven Archers decreased from 1620 to 1440
      • Tier VII Ambushers decreased from 2280 to 2040
      • Tier VIII Night Hunters decreased from 3000 to 2700
      • Tier IX Cernnunnos Hunters decreased from 4080 to 3660
      • Tier X Archers of Ullr decreased from 5040 to 4500

We will be addressing more seriously, in the near future, the topic of grouped Cavalry charges (blob charging), but we are removing charge impact from the Confident morale state as the beginning of this process. This change will directly counter group charging behaviour by making it less efficient to execute these charges.

  • Completely removed charge impact from Confident morale state
  • Vitruvian Ballista:

    • Reduced the number of projectiles from 5 to 4

Commander Abilities:

After analysing our data and gathering player feedback, we have balanced several commander abilities. This is part of our commitment to regular balancing, and these kinds of changes will be a regular part of updates.

  • Alexander
    - Wedge: Reduced the base charge impact from 10% to 5%

  • Vercingetorix
    - Defiance: Changed the melee AP damage talent from an additive to a multiplier
       - The talent now scales from a previous +6 melee AP damage to a total of 40% melee AP damage over 5 levels

  • Arminius
    - Momentum:
       - Added 10% charge bonus on the base ability
       - Created a new talent for Momentum that adds a total of 10% charge bonus over 5 levels

  • Scipio
    - Wrath of Mars: Charge bonus has been reduced on talents from 50% to a total of 30%
    - Oath of Perseverance:
       - Reduced the base defence from 80% to 50%
       - Reduced the total talents defence from 70% to 50%

  • Caesar
    • Veni:
      - Reduced the base melee defence and melee attack from 30% to 20%
      - Reduced total defence given by talents from 40% to 30% 

Other User Interface Changes:

  • Hitting F1 key in battle will now display a controls help-sheet overlay.
  • Ping icon now shows next to the players name on the side-scoreboard when they ping in battle.
  • Polish and general clean-up of Parties & Friends. Some notable changes:
    • Change in invite time duration.
    • Opening the chat panel by hitting ENTER
    • Chat will open when receiving a private message. 
    • Changed other player names in chat to make them more readable
  • Combat text polish. 

Art & Graphics:

  • VFX pass on Salernum.
  • VFX pass on the Front end.

Bug Fixes:

  • Game screen will no longer freeze and become unresponsive on commander selection screen at the start of the M1 tutorial. 
  • Fixed a crash that was occurring when closing the help panel for Commander Abilities and then accessing the ‘help’ feature again. 
  • Fixed a crash when selecting Officer Training tutorial while in Commander Abilities panel. 
  • Can no longer break M2 tutorial when purchasing equipment quickly when prompted to. 
  • Can no longer get stuck during Advisor pop ups in M2 by clicking Silver button before the tooltip appears. 
  • Can no longer get multiple flank bonuses with unit blobbing by issuing multiple order types. 
  • Opening and closing the main menu in quick succession will no longer lock the game into a pause. 
  • Wardog units no longer have full unit replenishment/deaths regardless of unit condition. 
  • Can no longer exploit AOE abilities usage an infinite amount of times. 
  • Unit which is under Hunt ability can now be tracked after leaving visibility. 
  • Fixed an issue where it was impossible to select units after the cursor was over some UI elements. 
  • Can no longer drag invisible selection boxes when using certain pings.
  • Disconnected players dead units now correctly display a dead unit card. 
  • Fixed an issue where sometimes party members wouldn't be able to accept party invites after previously being kicked from a party. 
  • Fixed issues where switching between units quickly with tab and activating an ability no longer activates the second unit’s ability. 
  • Resizing the minimap quickly no longer causes the grid coordinates to vanish.
  • Fatigue bar no longer freezes at whatever percentage it was when a unit is killed.
  • Combat text will no longer overlay the scoreboard. 
  • Rebalancing "Barrage" - no longer fires a near constant stream of arrows.
  • Slinger’s weapons no longer float around the slinger’s hand during attack animations. 
  • Porthole render can no longer be dismissed with left or right clicks. 
  • Hovering over Artillery that are deployed in the fog of war will no longer display an attack cursor and threat indicator tooltip.
  • Unit dust VFX now displays on water. 
  • Heavy Artillery unit ID will no long remain after the unit has died.
  • Fixed inconsistent balance for some lower tier consumables. 
  • Hints no longer overlap when viewing the help mode.
  • Advisor tooltips can now be dismissed with the Escape key. 
  • Commander portrait no longer constantly glows after boosting a commander. 
  • Active abilities no longer cause unit abilities to change position when equipped. 
  • Anvil can no longer be activated at distance when Hoplite Phalanx is active. 
  • Click-dragging a unit card from the front end unit panel then closing the panel no longer breaks the unit panel.
  • Pressing Enter no longer switches to the previously typed in chat instead of the currently selected one. 
  • Loading screen tooltips no longer state the wrong key bindings for pings and telestration.
  • ‘CPU’ players now have the disconnection UI icon next to their name. 
  • ‘Unleash’ no longer displays as if it can be reused if Wardogs have already been unleashed and not attached to the unit. 
  • Wardogs will no longer maintain a directional marker in the fog of war. 
  • Disconnect player colour is now blue for all necessary UI elements.
  • Roman bolt consumables no longer have different names in the Front End and Battle. 
  • Boudica's ability ‘Ambush’ can now be used on the Celtic Slingers unit. 
  • Removed ‘Engineering Experts’ from Scorpion units due to it being a redundant ability for this unit. 
  • Tier VI Hound Handlers can now use the Throw Javelins ability. 
  • Wardogs now have a colour on the Unit Types pie chart in the Profile panel. 
  • Wardogs no longer pass through barricades unhindered. 
  • Right-clicking on an enemy while routing will no longer trigger the audio for issuing an attack order. 
  • Leonidas will now correctly hold his shield when his primary unit are the Myrmidons. 
  • Using ‘Raise Shield’ with Pikeman no longer causes their pikes to disappear. 
  • Fixed issue with duration of Wardogs ability ‘Fetch’ which wasn't allowing them to reach enemies on the edge of the intercept range.
  • Attacking with a Wardog unit will now trigger battle music. 
  • Wrong health no longer displays for disconnected units. 
  • Fixed issue where the apply button clickable area in the key bindings was smaller than the displayed zone. 
  • Horn audio now plays when the allied base capture reaches 25%, 50% and 75% captured.
  • Commander VO plays for allied base capture if the enemy base is already being captured. 
  • Deployable construction time UI stat now properly displays. 
  • [LOC] Premium shop panel is now localised in all supported languages. 
  • [LOC] Quick ping wheel is now localised in all supported languages.
See you on the battlefield!
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