Mission #4: Battle of Alesia


Raze the land and decimate the most enemies in the latest Marathon Mission

Only through challenging superior opposition can a warrior become stronger, and the 4th Warrior Trial—Battle of Alesia—will prove which commanders know how to crush their enemies.

Get the maximum number of points, earned via the Exterminator* achievement, across 30 battles. If commanders engage in more battles, only their best results will be counted.

*Exterminator: Kill 100/300/500/700 enemy soldiers in a single battle.

Each tier of Exterminator achievement commanders achieve will gain them a different number of points.

  • Tier I—1 point
  • Tier II—2 points
  • Tier III—3 points
  • Tier IV—4 points

Mission requirements:

  • The level of units must be 3 and above
  • The level of commanders cannot exceed the level of units by more than 1
  • The level of the squad is calculated by the lowest level squad in the player's roster
  • If at least one unit is different from the other units in the roster, the player will automatically receive a coefficient of x1.1 to points for that battle

If more than one commander occupies the same place in the leaderboard, the winner will be defined by the highest amount of Free XP gained during the best 30 battles.

As always, a marathon mission nets you some great prizes, so don’t miss out!

Starts on Friday, October 6 at 20:00 ET and ending on Sunday, October 8 at 23:59 ET.

1-3Ultimate Bundle
4-10Starter Bundle
11-2514 days of Premium Account Time
26-557 days of Premium Account Time
56-1055 days of Premium Account Time
106-3003 days of Premium Account Time
See you on the battlefield!
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