Know Your Enemy Quiz — Final Question


Greetings, commanders! 

At 17:00 CET today, we will ask you the ninth (and last) question of the “Know Your Enemy” quiz. The rules of our quiz are simple: we post the questions on various platforms dedicated to the game, and you answer them to participate in a race for the first prize, the mighty Myrmidons, the Premium Tier VIII unit. Every correct answer brings you closer to it!


If this is the first time you have seen the info about the quiz and you want to join the rush, you can find the questions here:

  • 22.01.18, 17:00 CET — Forum
  • 26.01.18, 17:00 CET — Reddit
  • 02.02.18, 17:00 CET — Game Website

NB: the quiz results will be announced at 17:00 CET on February 6.

Send your answers to the following email:

You can give your answers to all the questions or only the last one if you have already sent us your answers previously. Hurry though, as only the first 10 people who answer all the questions correctly will be guaranteed the Myrmidons unit!

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