Saturnalia Event: Free Cap and Roman Infantry Armour Set!

"And it was because Saturn had improved the conditions of life that, by order of Janus, religious honors were paid to him, as his effigy indicates, which received the additional attribute of a sickle, the symbol of harvest."
— Macrobius

Cries of 'Io Saturnalia!' echo through the streets of Rome, as wine-sodden revellers stumble through the Forum: it is the time of Saturnalia, the ancient winter festival dedicated to the mighty Saturn. A time of role reversal, the normally rigid stratification of Roman society was dissolved: the lowly would mock the powerful, slaves would dine alongside masters, the poor danced with the rich. Most visibly, all citizens, whatever their rank, would wear the Pileus: a conical felt cap usually worn only by freed slaves.

In celebration of this ancient tradition, for the duration of Saturnalia, all players will be able to equip their troops with the Saturnalia Cap, available for free on the in-game cosmetics page! Each faction will have their own unique version of the Cap, and the Cap will be made unavailable once the event has finished.

A predecessor to Christmas in many ways, Saturnalia was also a time of gift-giving. As a reward to our loyal players, everyone who plays Total War: ARENA during the event will receive a unique set of cosmetic items for Roman units: the Princeps Civitatis armour! ‘Princeps Civitatis’ means ‘first citizen’, and was a title claimed only by the most prominent of Romans. The armour set will be available in full to all Roman infantry, and any players who claim the following items during Saturnalia will get to keep them once the event is over:

  • Princeps Civitatis Armour
  • Princeps Civitatis Shield
  • Princeps Civitatis Helmet
  • Princeps Civitatis Gladius
Roman Saturnalia Armour

The Saturnalia event will be active from Wednesday December 20 at 10:00 UTC until Wednesday December 27 at 10:00 UTC. Log in during this time to fit your units with the Saturnalia Cap while it’s available, and claim the Princeps Civitatis armour set to keep for good!

Eat, drink, be merry, fight hard and well, and get into the Roman spirit of Saturnalia!

Io Saturnalia!

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