Get 3 Days of Premium Account FREE This Weekend!



As you’re storming through ranks of soldiers with your sights set on capturing the enemy base, don’t you feel like you deserve a little more reward for your efforts?

Log in to Total War: ARENA over the weekend between Friday November 10 at 2PM CET and Monday November 13 at 11AM CET (UTC+1) to get 3 days of Premium Account for FREE! Your Premium time will begin when it is first credited and can only be used during the Closed Beta Test, so don’t delay in taking advantage of the benefits.

What are the benefits of Premium Account?

Accelerate your in-game progression by going Premium in Total War: ARENA! Get an additional 50% of Experience and silver from battles with a Premium Account.

How do I get more days of Premium Account after the free ones expire?

Premium Account days can be purchased in the in-game shop using Gold, which can be bought in the Journeyman Bundle on the Premium Shop. You can also buy a Founder’s Pack from the Total War: ARENA Premium Shop to get more Premium days, as well as other bonuses available in bundles exclusive to the beta period.

See you on the battlefield!

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