Faction Campaign: Fight for Honour, Win for Glory!


Prepare to march for the glory of each and every faction in the latest Total War: ARENA event: Faction Campaign! Wage a full-scale campaign with Roman, Greek, and Barbarian factions, and take on enemy legions in up to 150 battles every week during the event to earn fantastic rewards and accolades.

Commanders who successfully complete all objectives over the next few weeks can enjoy rewards such as customisation items for Roman, Greek, and Barbarian units, special medals, and the opportunity to receive a brand new unit to commemorate your valiant efforts.

Rome calls for aid in the first week from January 14 – 21, with Greece requesting your military expertise from January 21 – 28, and the Barbarians enlisting your battle prowess from January 28 – February 4. Make your ancestors proud, and ensure that your deeds on the battlefield will be heard everywhere from Elysium to the Otherworld!
Week 1: Faction Campaign – Rome

The following mission will be available from Sunday January 14 at 22:00 CET until Sunday January 21 at 21:59 CET.

Rome certainly wasn’t built in a day, with its mighty empire soaked in the blood of countless wars waged, reigns toppled, and soldiers slain. Take to the battlefield in 150 battles this week, and remind your foes that they stand before the unbridled power of one of the greatest empires the world has ever known.

Level I: Play 30 Battles!— Fight 30 battles for the Roman faction using any Roman commander
— Units must be Tier V+
— A customisation item for Roman units
— 1 x Bronze Faction Token
Level II: Play 60 Battles!— Fight 60 battles for the Roman faction using any two Roman commanders
— At least 15 battles for each commander
— Units must be Tier V+
— All previous rewards
— March of Factions Medal
— 1 x Silver Faction Token
Level III: Play 150 Battles!— Fight 150 battles for the Roman faction using any two Roman commanders
— At least 15 battles for each commander
— Units must be Tier V+
— All previous rewards
— March of Factions Medal (upgraded)
— 1 x Gold Faction Token
Faction Tokens will be an event-specific reward, which can be earned in Bronze, Silver, and Gold denominations across all missions during the Faction Campaign event. They can be used to receive 25% discount (Bronze Faction Tokens), 50% discount (Silver Faction Tokens), or 100% discount (Gold Faction Tokens) on the brand new Tier VIII Premium unit, Roman War Dogs!
3x Gold Faction TokensThe unit for free
3x Silver Faction TokensA 50% discount on purchasing the unit
3x Bronze Faction TokensA 25% discount on purchasing the unit


Q: Is there a system for tracking players who enter a battle and stay AFK for its duration?

A: Our system allows for tracking and flagging the players as AFK, so we will exclude the results of AFK players from the final results of the event.

Q: When will I receive my reward?

А: Rewards will be distributed shortly after the event ends. More details will be published towards the end of the event.

Q: Will the rewards for this event be transferred to the Open Beta?

A: Yes, they will be transferred.

Q: What are the perks of the event medal?

A: This medal will be shown in your profile as a reminder of your achievement.

Q: How can I track my progress during the week?

A: Unfortunately, it's not possible to track your progress in the game, but you can see it in your profile. We plan to publish the interim results weekly.

Q: If I had purchased War Dogs but then got a discount for this unit as a reward or earned enough tokens to get it for free, will I be compensated?

A: Yes. The 25% discount will be compensated with 14 days of Premium account and the 50% discount will be compensated with 30 days of Premium account. If you have earned the right to get War Dogs for free, you will receive their value in Gold.

Q: How long will the discount on War Dogs be active?

A: For as long as War Dogs are available for purchase in the Premium Store.

Q: If I have two bronze Faction Tokens and one gold Faction Token, what discount will I receive?

A: You will receive a 25% discount. Faction Tokens cannot be upgraded.

Q: If I played 150 battles during the first week, 60 battles during the second week, and 10 battles during the third week, what rewards and Faction Tokens will I get?

A: You will get the rewards and Faction Tokens for the first two weeks.

May the ground tremble under the feet of your legions!
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