Design Your Own Commander Contest Announcement


Have you been following Total War: ARENA but still have not had the opportunity to join the Closed Beta? Here is your chance!

For this contest, we invite you to take part in creating or drawing a bust of a Total War: ARENA Commander, yourself as a commander, or an ideal Total War: ARENA Commander! Great authors, historians, philosophers, kings and commanders of times past were honored with creations of busts in their likeness and we want to see what creative abilities you possess!

Any materials that you have readily available such as food, clay, playdough, markers, pen & paper or paint can be used! The possibilities are endless!

Once you have created your bust, take a picture of it and share them on our Total War: ARENA Facebook, Twitter or our Forums.

The top 3 submissions that have impressed us will earn themselves 3 new Premium Units (Tier V Sarmatian Lancers, Tier VII Greek Engineers, and Tier VIII Auxilia Palatina) and 2 Closed Beta Keys to use and/or share!

For 10 runner-ups, you will receive a Closed Beta Key so you may join us in the fray or invite your friend!

The contest will run for an entire week beginning on Wednesday, January 10 at 9 am PT / 12 pm ET and ends on Wednesday, January 17 at 12 pm PT / 3 pm ET with the winners announced during the Total War: ARENA livestream.

  • ·To be a valid entry, your “bust” must include the head, shoulders and chest region of your commander

  • ·Use your favorite medium to create your commander – macaroni, mustard, clay, playdough, markers, crayons, Minecraft blocks, Legos

  • ·Players can only win one prize

  • ·In-game prizes can only be credited to NA accounts

  • Must be an original creation designed exclusively for this contest

  • Entries will be judged on creativity and originality

  • Must comply with moral, ethical and legal standards, as well as with the forum rules Wargaming gains exclusive rights to the contest image when you post it on the forum, as outlined in the “10. User Generated Content” section of the Terms of Service

Rise up to the challenge and show us your creations!
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