Commander Spotlight: Boudica

“Let us show them that they are hares and foxes, trying to rule over dogs and wolves.”
— Boudica, Queen of the Iceni

Boudica is unleashed! The iconic queen joins the line-up of legendary warriors in Total War: ARENA; she's a fearsome Barbarian Commander with an axe to grind with the Roman Empire, and more than a few skulls on her agenda to grind that axe into! Before you follow her into battle, explore the history of the Iceni legend, and find out more about some of her in-game abilities in our first Commander Spotlight.

Who is Boudica?

The Queen of the Iceni tribe in eastern Britannia, Boudica was never meant to be a warrior. When her husband, King Prasutagas, died, he divided his estate up between Rome and his daughters, intending to secure the future of his tribe by maintaining peace with the Empire. The Romans plundered Iceni lands anyway, and when Boudica objected to the sacking of her lands and the horrendous treatment of her people, she was subjected to savage beatings, and her daughters were raped.

A raging fire was ignited within the Briton queen, and her people felt her pain. Boudica took up arms, united the tribes in Britannia, and led them in revolt against the cruelty of the Roman Empire. Moving across Britannia like a savage storm, she razed the Roman capital Camulodunum to the ground, and then Londinium and Verulamium, slaughtering the people and bathing the ruins in the flames of her vengeance.

After finding a battlefield that could even the odds against the relentless wrath of Boudica and her forces, the Romans eventually crushed the rebellion and put 80,000 Britons to the sword as retribution for their destructive crusade. Though Boudica escaped the slaughter, she and her daughters killed themselves rather than see themselves at the mercy of the Roman Empire. Her rebellion united the tribes of Britannia against one common enemy, and proved to be the most costly revolt in the history of Roman Britain. Boudica is still celebrated today as an important figure who stood for justice and freedom, and the importance of fighting for them.



An immortal charge driven by Iceni fury

Boudica’s creation in Total War: ARENA was guided by her powerful, ferocious history and her reputation as a terrifying warrior queen. Her first ability is therefore Fury. Activating it allows Boudica to lead an incredibly powerful charge, driven by pure anger, hatred, and her unmitigated desire for revenge. Fury is known as a 'deathless charge', as the charging unit takes no damage while the ability is activated. With this, Boudica can meet enemies in direct combat, or enter the fray with a devastating attack on the flanks.

A slow stance, enhancing visibility and Wardog commands

To accomplish such a devastating attack on the flanks, you’ll need Boudica’s second ability, Ambush, was inspired by Boudica’s slaughter of the ninth legion, where her troops ambushed the unsuspecting Romans and killed around three quarters of them. With Ambush, you can send out beams to scout out the enemy with increased vision and missile range, waiting for the perfect opportunity to strike.

Rally allies to your cause and instil them with a rebellious fighting vigour

When you do strike, the final ability of Boudica will allow you to strike hard. Rebellion inspires the warriors under Boudica’s command, driving them into a terrifying frenzy. There is no doubt that Boudica could rally the tribes of Britannia, and now you can use that ability to inspire in order to empower your troops, and lead them to victory.


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