FAQ: EasyAntiCheat System Explained


Ave, Commanders!

With the release of patch 2.2, we’ve seen an influx of player questions and concerns around the implementation of EasyAntiCheat. While everyone can agree that anti-cheat solutions are a necessity in online competitive games, it’s completely understandable that you might have questions about EasyAntiCheat, and what it means to have it installed on your computer in service of Total War: ARENA.

We’ve worked directly with the team over at EasyAntiCheat to answer some of your most frequently asked questions about the software:

What is EasyAntiCheat? I have never heard of it.

EasyAntiCheat is a middleware component integrated into Total War: ARENA that protects the game integrity in order to prevent cheating. The sole purpose of EAC is to keep the game fair for everyone.

Does EAC have a reputation in the market? Who are they? Are they a reliable and trustworthy company?

EasyAntiCheat is a well-known established game security company, used in over 45 games. You may have played games in which it is implemented before, with For Honor, Smite, Rising Storm 2, Dead by Daylight, and more games using EAC.

Is EAC safe to use? Will it record and save all information on my hard drive or screenshot my desktop?

EasyAntiCheat does not contain any screenshotting, keylogging, or hard drive scanning functionality. At most, it scans the files that are contained within the game installation folder. EAC won’t scan, and definitely won’t upload, any of your personal and non-game related files. To read more on EasyAntiCheat’s privacy policies, you can visit their website.

What permissions does it have?

EAC operates within the boundaries of all applicable privacy laws, and within privacy principles of Wargaming and Creative Assembly. It’s important to know that the software will not scan or upload any of your personal files.

What processes will it check, and what personal data will it get, if any?

EAC verifies all processes that interact with the game process in any way. The software is limited to inspecting executable memory only (binary code executed by the CPU, not plain data). EAC may also analyze in-game gameplay actions, as gathered by the game server (for clarity, no keylogging).

Does this system affect PC performance while playing the game?

EAC only runs when the game is running, and is only concerned with the game process runtime. We have performed extensive testing to ensure that the game’s performance is not impacted for the vast majority of players. If your experience with Total War: ARENA and EAC is different than what we have described above, please be sure to provide feedback so we can address it directly with the developers of EAC.

Does EAC interfere with video capture software?

A list of compatible video capture software is available here.

Unsupported video capture software does not result in a game ban. Instead, the software in question will fail to function on Total War: ARENA. Should anyone’s favorite software be missing, you can contact EAC and they may look into providing compatibility.

Why do I need to install EAC separately? Why isn’t it integrated into the Total War ARENA client?

At this point in the beta, we have not integrated EAC directly into the client installation. We have plans to more seamlessly integrate EAC into the installation of Total War: ARENA, and we will update you when we do so.

Won’t it interfere with my antivirus?

EAC works in close cooperation with many of the world’s major anti-virus vendors, and is a trusted whitelisted industry partner. A complete list of known compatible anti-virus software can be found here.

Should you anyhow find any conflicts, contact EAC and/or your anti-virus vendor based on this list.

What will the new anti-cheat system do?

Anti-cheat systems work to guarantee a level playing field. Our goal with the implementation of EAC is to keep the game fun, fair, and competitive.

Is it necessary to install it?

In order to play Total War: ARENA, players are required to install EasyAntiCheat.

As always, we appreciate your feedback about your experience with Total War: ARENA. We are going to continue to listen to your feedback about this new development, and will work to provide answers in a straightforward and transparent manner.

Thanks, and we’ll see you on the battlefield!

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