Enjoy Double XP + Silver Bonuses throughout Closed Beta!


Avete, Commanders!

Although our ranks swell with the addition of thousands of new recruits following our Open Week with all new commanders receiving access to the game's Closed Beta, we must continue to move forward, our eyes on the next era of Total War: ARENA: Open Beta!

Before we make the leap to Open Beta, we’re going to focus on testing higher tiers of gameplay. To enable you to reach higher tiers more quickly, we’ve decided to give you a 100% bonus per battle on all rewards – including XP, Silver, and Free XP – for the remainder of the Closed Beta Test. Getting to Tier VII and beyond will be quicker than ever, so hit the battlefield and reap the glory, honour, and riches in half the time!

However, we’re not quite finished yet…

For many players, the Alpha and Beta testing program for Total War: ARENA has been a long fought war. Veteran players wear their experience with pride; there have been thousands of battles played, scores of victories and defeats, and you've laid witness to a constantly shifting landscape. As developers and publishers, we wouldn’t be where we are today without all of your efforts and support, so we’re working on a system to reward players for all of their time spent in Alpha and Closed Beta.

What extra rewards can I get?

Well, we’re not quite ready to roll out the full plan, but here’s a little sneak preview of what we’re working on:

Condition:Achieve 100 Victories!
Rewards:50,000 Silver
65,000 Free XP
A unique cosmetic item (we'll reveal this later)
A new title: Warrior
And even more!

The rewards get progressively better the more victories you’ve attained, so your time spent in game will benefit you once we move past the final content wipe and into the Open Beta stage.

Thank you for your continued support, testing, and feedback. Total War: ARENA wouldn’t be the same without our community.

-          The Total War: ARENA team

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