Update 2.1.1 On The Horizon!



The winds of change whisper across the battlefields of Total War: ARENA once more… our scouts report that a brand new update is coming tomorrow, bringing key improvements and changes to make your gameplay experience the best it can possibly be!

Update 2.1.1 will be deployed Tuesday October 10 at 12:00 CEST (UTC+2), with matchmaking disabled for 30 minutes from 11:00 CEST (UTC+2).

We know that pathfinding issues in Total War: ARENA have been causing players some frustration over the past few weeks, so we made tackling these problems our biggest priority for Update 2.1.1. Some of the pathfinding issues addressed in the update include:

  • Units getting stuck in recalculation loops, causing them to run around in circles
  • Units behaving strangely when directed to move towards a wall, or around certain corners
  • General pathfinding issues on maps such as Gergovia, Alps, Salernum, and Thermopylae

We’re optimistic that we have tackled many of the pathfinding problems which have been causing players grief, but we will carry on monitoring the performance and effectiveness of these fixes after the update has been deployed.

If you want some more details on what’s changed, check out our comprehensive list of specific, individual bugs we have sent to the shadow realm and expect to not be reproduced at all:

  • Game can crash when leaving a battle with sub squad movement changes
  • Pathfinding issue: Unit path recalculated after full path is calculated causing a unit to become stuck in a loop
  • Pathfinding issue, Unit width changing
  • Multiple corners and locations in Gergovia are causing pathfinding problems
  • [Thermopylae] Pathfinding arrows phase through high slopes at certain zoom levels
  • Unit cannot path find to enemy unit when facing solid object
  • Ordering a Heavy Artillery unit to walk past another Heavy Artillery unit and then cancelling the move order results in strange behaviour
  • Able to climb on rocks on Alps
  • [Salernum] Pathfinding issue around D6 stables
  • If user orders units to move towards a wall, units formation misbehaves
  • Pathfinding issues if a unit passes through an enemy on its way to ordered location
  • Issues with pathfinding arrow
  • Units do not regroup in formation effectively if pathfinding takes them through an enemy
  • Players are able to hide artillery under watchtowers
  • Three instances of Pathfinding for Cavalry units on Thermopylae
  • Pathfinding issue on Thermopylae
  • Unit behaves strangely when given move commands whilst turning a corner
  • Some units had a delayed response when given orders in battle

Hot off the press for Update 2.1.1, we’re also introducing a link to purchase Gold from the Premium Shop, a new help screen, and hotfixes for various bugs and crashes.

We really value any and all feedback you have about the update after trying it out, including a happier experience with pathfinding and other features, or indeed any issues you have. Get in touch with us on our official forum to let us know your thoughts!

See you on the battlefield!

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