ARENA for All! Open Weekend Nov. 3

You must not fight too often with one enemy, or you will teach him all your art of war.
— Napoleon Bonaparte

As we campaign together through the closed beta process, the faces of both allies and enemies on the fields of battle have become familiar. Whether your nemesis is a commander of Greek cavalry that always seems to find your exposed flank, or the Roman artillerist who's a master of strategic encampment, familiarity breeds both comradery and grudging respect.

We have determined that now is the time to broaden the field of combatants by announcing Total War: ARENA’s first Open Weekend event. From November 3 at 07:00 PT until November 6, 02:00 PT, all players with a Wargaming account will be able to download, install, and play Total War: ARENA.

In addition to this being an open weekend for all players, regardless of their status as a closed beta tester, we’re also going to be running a bonus experience event.

For the duration of the open weekend the following bonuses are in effect:

-First win of the day (per Commander) – 300% bonus experience

-All other victories (per Commander) – 200% bonus experience.

These bonuses are additive to already existing Premium bonuses.

As we move beyond the first phase of closed beta, this next step is important; testing our capabilities to handle more players and opening ourselves up to additional feedback. We're honored that you've made this journey with us so far, and look forward to continuing to prove our mettle alongside you.

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