Ranged Infantry

Long-range units are a powerful weapon in attacking distant enemies. If handled properly, missile infantry can become an unrelenting force, inflicting heavy casualties and demoralizing enemy units even before they reach your main forces

Here you see only some of the units belonging to this faction. Many more are eager to follow your orders and charge into battle, Commander.

Rally them under your banners!

Archers of Ullr (Barbarians)
Celtic and German missile units armed with yew bows are a perfect choice for supporting the whole army. Archers must be utilized with proficiency, and only begin firing when allies are out of the killing field. Proper positioning (at the top of a hill or in forests) is key to getting the most out of the unit, and archers have serious damage potential as well as undermine enemy morale. However, do not forget that missile units are the primary target of cavalry and melee units, so guard them with melee infantry.
gre_Родосские пращники.jpg
Rhodian Slingers (Greece)

Rhodian Slingers are a unique missile unit that, as the name suggests, are armed only with slings. Do not let this fact fool you: these warriors can be deadly in combat. Their heavy lead bullets thrown with a sling are extremely good at breaking bones and disabling enemies, regardless of armor. However, an inability to deliver arcing fire limits their efficiency to situations when they have a clear shot at a target.

Rhodian Slingers have an extended view range and can use shields to cover from return fire. As well as other missile units, Rhodian Slingers are the primary target of cavalry and melee infantry, requiring spear or other infantry unit support.

rom_velites (T6)_11-00.jpg
Velites (Rome)
Velites are 1,200 lightly-armed warriors of the Roman legion. They act as skirmishers, effectively piercing through enemy armor, and are only behind archers and slingers in terms of their range of fire. Mobile and fast, their round shields serve as additional protection, while their main weapon is a javelin launched at oncoming foes. As well as other missile units, Velites are vulnerable to cavalry and melee infantry attacks.
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