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Heavily armoured infantry shines when it comes to close combat engagements. Their main weapon is the charge: troops are sent hurtling towards the enemy for a direct frontal assault. Charging can also be used for a quick unit rotation and a tactical retreat.

Light infantry act as skirmishers, running ahead of the main battle lines and aggressively harassing the enemy. Thanks to their mobility, skirmishers are well suited for reconnaissance, especially in wooded areas. Read more.


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Long-range units are a powerful weapon in attacking distant enemies. If handled properly, missile infantry can become an unrelenting force, inflicting heavy casualties and demoralizing enemy units even before they reach your main forces. Read more.


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Thanks to their high mobility and improved visibility range, the role of light cavalry gains a further tactical boon when married with artillery units on the battlefield. Cavalry are able to sneak behind enemy lines to locate and ambush enemy artillery and missile units.

Medium cavalry exploits weak points, targeting exposed enemy flanks in formations and charging into the rear of enemy lines. Fast moving and fairly well protected, these units can provide sharp support to your army's flanks.

Skilled in close combat, these cavalrymen are an armored fist to punch through enemy ranks. They greatly complement melee units, either serving as the vanguard of a heavy infantry charge, or providing the perfect follow-up blow against an enemy reeling from an infantry assault. Read more.


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With long range and an ability to inflict devastating damage, siege engines usually deploy at a safe distance from the main battlefield and work well with scout units. Scouts define a target and siege engineers concentrate fire, sending the enemy into oblivion. In addition to being heavy-missile war machines, artillery units use traps, which can also reduce scythe through enemy units. Read more.



Wardogs can be used as an ambushing unit, sent out to wait in long grass or forests and hide from the enemy, waiting for them to get within range and attack. Once the Wardogs have charged an enemy, any soldiers that are knocked down become pinned and struggle to return to their feet.

Wardogs are a counter-defensive unit best employed when taking down Pikes and Spears. The Wardogs add a new mechanic in that they can ignore a unit in phalanx and break through. Read more.

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