Renowned and storied, the Roman Empire blossomed from conquering neighbors to almost the entire known world. Massive and well equipped, the Romans are adept with the sword, javelin, artillery, field artillery, and cavalry units. Their powerful siege engines and extremely skilled infantry units allow them to cut through enemy defenses.


Born leader Caesar is adept at supporting and inspiring battle units. His abilities to bolster combat and ranged attackers, as well as impede other commander’s special orders, allow Caesar to be a pivotal, if indirect, commander.
The Roman Commander Germanicus is a heavy infantry expert, focused on dishing out damage and shrugging off ranged attacks. His bloodlust in battle allows him to deal more damage the more enemies he vanquishes with his quick, deadly attack speed.
Scipio Africanus will cut through enemies lines and utilize his cavalry and infantry assaults to overwhelm enemies. His routing charge, and piercing War cry that damages enemy defense and morale, exemplifies Africanus’ power will and ability to fight to the death.


Here you see only some of the units belonging to this faction. Many more are eager to follow your orders and charge into battle, Commander.

Rally them under your banners!

roman legion.jpg
Near-mythical figures of the Roman Army, these versatile soldiers land shattering attacks, and few enemies can match their vigor and military skill. However, legionaries are also good in defense and can hang back to protect key positions. Heavy pila that they throw at their enemies from almost point-blank range can easily pierce through shields and the men behind them. After that, legionaries draw their gladii to finish off units in a flurry of stabs and slashes.
rom_velites (T6)_11-00.jpg
Velites are 1,200 lightly-armed warriors of the Roman legion. They act as skirmishers, effectively piercing through enemy armor, and are only behind archers and slingers in terms of their range of fire. Mobile and fast, their round shields serve as additional protection, while their main weapon is a javelin launched at oncoming foes. As well as other missile units, Velites are vulnerable to cavalry and melee infantry attacks.
rom_Тяжелый онагр.jpg
Heavy Onager
Heavy onagers that throw huge stones at enemies constitute the main artillery of Rome. Despite their low mobility, these siege engines can easily unsettle enemy units and force them to disperse from advantageous positions. An onager is mainly used to destroy buildings and walls, and its efficiency against moving enemies — like cavalry or infantry — is somewhat lacking.
rom_cheiroballistra (T6)_43-78.jpg
Cheiroballistra shows outstanding results against infantry units. Its great range of fire allows it to deal massive damage, hitting several enemy soldiers with one bolt. Despite its small size, the Cheiroballistra packs a punch and is easy to transport, which allows its engineers to swiftly adapt to the changing tide of battle.
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