Relatively unknown to the Greeks and Romans until they took up arms and reached the Mediterranean, the Celts were the first of the peoples known as “barbarians”. Celtic warriors marched into North Italy, while others traveled east to ravage Greece and Macedonia. Barbarians use their sword infantry, cavalry, archers, and war dogs to devastating effect. Their mobility, ability to utilize cover in forests, as well as demoralize their enemy makes them a true wildcard in battle.


Arminius, the Roman Turncoat, balances reckless, swift attacks with infiltration and ambush tactics. His abilities to quickly turn the momentum of battle in his favor and whip his troops into frenzy can be paired with his talent of disguising himself an enemy’s ally to strike a devastating blow.
Vercingetorix, Chieftain of the Arverni, is able to plow through units and defend key areas. His skills allow you to lock your unit’s morale and deliver a powerful conflagration to a surrounding area, turning enemies to ash. His ability to only succumb to damage after completing an order means Vercingetorix is defiant until the end.
"I am not fighting for my kingdom and wealth now. I am fighting as an ordinary person for my lost freedom, my bruised body, and my outraged daughters".


Here you see only some of the units belonging to this faction. Many more are eager to follow your orders and charge into battle, Commander.

Rally them under your banners!

bar_Нагие воины.jpg
A mobile shock infantry unit known as Naked Warriors, ancient authors noted that the Germans and Celts often fought naked with only a sword and shield. High morale make Naked Warriors a fearsome attacking force, launching a barrage of javelins, and voicing an intimidating cry to reduce enemy morale. Another boon afforded to the warriors is their ability to deal additional damage due to momentum before the attack, which means they are most effective in scouting and ambushing. While the absence of armor makes them first-choice targets of archers, it also provides outstanding mobility. Naked Warriors perform best in forest combat, where they receive a bonus to attack and protection from missiles.
bar_falxmen (T5)_53-14.jpg
Long scythe-shaped swords allow these Barbarian warriors to pierce through enemy armor and helmets at lightning speed due to the power and impetus of their strikes. To kick an enemy when they’re down, their acceleration provided by Momentum dishes out even more damage. While the absence of solid armor makes them vulnerable to missile units' attacks, their bravery, exceptional scouting skills, and—like most Barbarians—they can easily demoralize the enemy.
bar_noble_horse (T10).jpg
Noble Horsemen
Elite cavalry, represented by the best Gaul and German men, is adept at supporting flanks and weathering protracted enemy encounters, where war mounts kick soldiers, and riders can inspire surrounding allies. On par with Roman cavalry, these noble horsemen display exceptional mobility and can strike powerful blows to enemy flanks. After breaking into the enemy formation, Noble Horsemen leap into a close and crushing fight.
bar_Гвардия Децебала.jpg
Decebalus Guard
Wielding legendary Dacian falxes (battle sickles), Decebalus Guard warriors are frantic in attack and firm in defense. Light armor (chain mail and Phrygian helmets) makes them an easy target for archers and artillery, especially in disadvantageous positions (e.g. foot of a hill, where they can be easily reached by missiles); but if your goal is to break the front of the enemy infantry units, this unit is perfect.
Archers of Ullr
Celtic and German missile units armed with yew bows are a perfect choice for supporting the whole army. Archers must be utilized with proficiency, and only begin firing when allies are out of the killing field. Proper positioning (at the top of a hill or in forests) is key to getting the most out of the unit, and archers have serious damage potential as well as undermine enemy morale. However, do not forget that missile units are the primary target of cavalry and melee units, so guard them with melee infantry.
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