Teutoburg Forest

Tiers: III–X

Teutoburg Forest is a Barbarian map that resembles Hadrian’s Wall but offers players more opportunities to ambush the enemy. Who knows, maybe you are the one to repeat Arminius’ success against the Romans?

Battles in Teutoburg Forest often feature several distinctive stages: the first encounter usually happens near the river, the second clash rages uphill, and the last takes place near the base. The second stage is crucial for the result, as success in defending the routes to the base virtually determines the outcome of the battle.

Communicate with your allies to block all directions, set up ambushes, or organize scouting.


  • Forest paths and long grass near the river are perfect for ambushing and sneaking, so be careful when near them. Try to gain control over watchtowers as soon as possible to avoid falling into a trap.
  • The central river crossing is the most obvious path, but it may turn out to be disastrous, because the enemy can quickly attack from any direction. Moreover, if the enemy team has artillery units, you are likely to suffer serious losses.
  • Side paths can be used to flank and surround the enemy, but beware of swampy terrain and ambushes.
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