Tiers: I–VII

The half-ruined Salernum is located just down the coast from Pompeii. Spared by the volcanic disaster, the bay town bathes in greenery surrounded by vast Roman farmlands. Its streets and alleyways provide cover from ranged attacks and give ample opportunities to march down with heavy units and ambush troops. Scattered across the map are three towers, the one in the middle being a must-have area for both camps as it gives a massive sight bonus to the side that controls it. There are two ways to approach the enemy: either through the town, or through the woods north of the city. The latter is perfect for carefully planned surprise attacks and ambushes carried out by light units.

Tactical advice

  • This map is divided into three parts: the city of Salernum in the south, fields of grain and vines in the centre, and a forested hilly area in the north.
  • The city is a key path into the enemy base. It offers cover from artillery fire, and its many roads allow fast and stealthy movement.
  • Control the central watchtower to find enemies hiding in the tall grass and forests nearby.
  • The size of this map can make it difficult to get back and defend your base in time.

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