Passage of Augustus

Tiers: V–X

Passage of Augustus is a map with a very peculiar structure: both teams spawn behind their bases instead of in front of them. The short road connecting the bases induces the attempts to quickly capture the base and secure an early victory, so it might be a good idea to send some units to defend it at the very beginning of a battle. The large circular road provides an excellent opportunity for flanking. The primary and secondary routes often draw up the majority of players, but a cunning commander may slip past enemy scouts and attack the base from the rear.

Skirmishes are happening all over this map, so strong communication and interaction between allies are crucial for success, while disorder and chaos will most likely be punished.


  • The proximity of the bases means that attackers and defenders can quickly call for reinforcements, so stay focused even if you managed to enter the base capture circle.
  • Watchtowers will allow you to monitor enemy maneuvers on the flanks and better organize your own actions.
  • The map features many forest-covered ridges that overlook the paths leading to the settlement. Missile infantry and artillery units can use them to their advantage.

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